The body of the report is limited to 6 single-spaced pages. In addition, you should provide an…

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The body of the report is limited to 6 single-spaced pages. In addition, you should provide an executive summary of the report that should not exceed 1 page. Then, you can provide up to 5 pages of appendices (e.g., questions you asked in your research, data, sources, etc.). The total report, including executive summary, body of report, and appendices is not to exceed 12 pages (1 page executive summary, 6 pages report, 5 pages appendices). Suggested Components of Final Brand Audit (inclusion and sequence may vary) 1. History of Brand and Overview of Report 2. Key Challenges Facing Brand 3. Brand Inventory (Brand inventories are comprehensive summaries of a firms marketing and branding program.) . a.) Detail the brand architecture. . b.) Analyze the firms branding and marketing programs. . c.) Profile competitive brands and market situation. 4. Brand Exploratory (Brand exploratories are in-depth profiles of consumers brand knowledge structures. You should use the appropriate tools discovered in the course.) 5. Major issues or challenges for your brand. 6. Recommendations a.) Make 3-4 recommendations to the brand concerning how the brand should be managed over the next 5 years by critically analyzing the brand inventory and brand exploratory. Your recommendations need to be supported by data from your brand inventory and brand exploratory. . The written report is to be a succinct report and bullet point sections would be appropriate. You should have conducted some qualitative market research (either at least two one-on-one interviews or one 6-8 person focus group), and/or quantitative research (perhaps a brief survey). The final report will use this information to identify the sources of brand equity (the brand inventory and brand exploratory), providing the basis for your recommendations for how to build and manage equity for the brand chosen. Example:

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