Your goal is to assess the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and to apply your… 1 answer below »

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Your goal is to assess the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and to apply your
knowledge and understanding about the theories and practice of entrepreneurship covered
in modules 2 and 3.
After your initial research, develop the questions for your interview. Ask your entrepreneur
a minimum of 15 questions. Use the ten questions below as a starting point. Develop at
least five additional questions of your own for your interview based on modules 1, 2 and 3.
Your additional questions should reflect the type of entrepreneur you have chosen (serial,
social, intrapreneur etc.)
Interview questions
o What was your motivation or vision that you had for your entrepreneurial pursuits?
o How did you identify and validate your entrepreneurial opportunity?
o What are the skills that contribute to your success as an entrepreneur?
o What challenges have you encountered as an entrepreneur?
o What steps do you take to overcome any personal shortcomings that might impact
your venture?
o From your perspective, what are the benefits and risks of entrepreneurship?
o Did you feel prepared to run the venture at the time that it launched?
o As an entrepreneur, what process do you follow when making decisions? How does
this differ from the decision-making process you might have used in previous
o What is the long-term plan for your venture?
o What are some important questions an aspiring entrepreneur should ask before
pursuing a venture?
If you have selected an entrepreneur from the learning resources in module 2.1, you will
use the same questions as if doing the interview and you will conduct further research to
discover the answers.
Prepare a case study to include the following:
1. Name and business/industry of the entrepreneur.
2. Identification of the type or types of entrepreneur that would categorise the person
you selected, with a brief explanation of why you have identified them in this/these
3. Your analysis of the characteristics of your chosen entrepreneur and why these
characteristics have led to successful outcomes.
4. Identify and analyse how creative thinking, design thinking and innovation has or has
not been a success factor in the entrepreneur’s journey.
5. Identify how success and failure has featured in the journey, and analyse any
relationship this has to the characteristics of the entrepreneur’s mindset.
ENT101 Assessment 2 Brief Page 3 of 6
6. Explain your choice of information you have researched to support your case study.
Analyse whether the information chosen was suitable to elicit the best
understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics for success.
7. What were the key learnings of the entrepreneur, and how would they leverage
these learnings in the future
8. Reference List (not included in word count).
9. Appendix. Questions inclusive of the ten provided and the five or more you have

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