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PDR-269159 Grant proposal for promoting healthy eating in schools to increase student's performance and health My topic is …..a school based program which promotes healthy eating in students to increase performance and health · Instructions · You have beenasked to submit a proposal to a local organization that gives out small grantsto professionals who wish to conduct a research study about a health problemfor the first time in their work setting or local community. · Your task isto write a grant proposal to research a health problem of your choice. · This is not aproposal to develop a program. It is a proposal that describes aresearch study that you would like to conduct. · Your grantproposal should describe a research study that can be completed within ONE year(should you get funded) and should cost no more than $5,000 to execute. Youneed to bear this in mind when putting your proposal together; it must bedoable and realistic. · For help withwriting this proposal, please make sure you carefully read all the attachedhandouts and sample proposals. · Your proposal should be 17-20pages long, DOUBLE-spaced (Times New Roman, 12 pt font). This does notinclude cover page, table of contents, list of references, appendixetc. · Your proposal should consist ofthree sections or chapters. Include a title page, table of contents, and a listof references and any appendices. Here is an outline of what your grantproposal should cover: Section 1: Introduction (3-4 pages long) Identify and describe a problem that you intend to research. State why thisproblem is important and how your study will be a unique and importantcontribution to the profession. This chapter should be organized as follows:problem statement, brief review of the pertinent literature, purpose of thestudy, rationale for this study, significance of the proposed study,hypothesis, and independent and dependent variables. Section 2: Review of Literature (7-8 pages long) Review the pertinent literature relating to your identified problem. Yourreview should be critical and reflect your understanding of the problem andprovide a rationale for your proposed study. Do not attempt to give me a reviewbased on abstracts of articles. You are expected to cite a minimum of20 peer-reviewed articles. Make sure that most of your references are fromjournals from 2005 to the present. Section 3: Methods (7-8 pages long) Describe the following: your research design, instrument/s that you will use tomeasure the problem, the sample and sampling strategy, limitations of yourstudy, human subject approval, data analysis plan (types of statistical teststo be used), and time-line for completing the study. Finally, you need toprovide a budget breaking down how much you will need for each item (e.g.,photocopying, testing instrument, subject fees, consultant etc -not to exceed$5,000). Things to remember:

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