Explain fundamental strategies for problem solving – Compare and contrast commonly used problem…

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Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment: • K1. Explain fundamental strategies for problem solving • K3. Compare and contrast commonly used problem solving strategies • K4. Describe tools and techniques that can be used to model and describe problems • S1. Decompose a problem and create goals and plans to solve that problem • S2. Devise and implement problem solving strategies which can be applied to a range of IT problems • A1. Apply problem solving strategies, tools and techniques to solve problems in a variety of domains Assessment Details This assessment requires you to select one of two available scenarios and apply The Global Development Research Centre’s Problem Solving Process Steps 1-5 to 1) define the problem, 2) analyse the problem, 3) generate possible solutions, 4) analyse possible solutions and 5) select the most appropriate option(s), to meet the scenario criteria and constraints thereof. You are not required to implement the selected solution, nor are you required to plan for its implementation. Note: The Global Development Research Centre’s Problem Solving Process is available as a separate document in the Assessment section in Moodle for your ease of reference, and the relevant steps of this process are discussed in further detail later in this specification. The available assignment scenarios are included as an appendix. You must document your work as you progress through each stage of this process, ensuring that this documentation clearly shows the output of each stage, any tools you have used as part of the process and the thinking processes you used to obtain this output. Once you have completed your documentation, you are required to create a video recording of no more than 5 minutes duration in which you personally present an overview of your work. This overview should provide the user with a description of how you have worked through this assignment, the work you did at each stage including any tools you may have used and how these assisted you, and the output of each step. This overview will commence with your work in the initial step of the Problem Solving Process and continue through each step to ultimately select your optimal solution. You will then provide a short reflection on the process, covering both using the Problem Solving Process and your experiences completing this assignment. You will not be assessed on the quality of the recording of your presentation – it is the quality of the information you are presenting and your understanding of the concepts that is important. Using a mobile phone or similar quality camera is perfectly acceptable and will help keep the size of the presentation file small. Important: You must be actively presenting throughout the video, with your face clearly visible and identifiable for the duration of the presentation. It is acceptable to briefly move away from your face to show a more clear representation of supporting materials from your documentation, but you must otherwise ensure that you are visible and presenting throughout the video.


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