This project is designed to have you put a company through the risk management process…. 1 answer below »

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: This project is designed to have you put a company through the risk management process.

Step 1: Pick a fortune 500 company for which information is easily found online. For example, Apple. Financial firms are complicated, so you may wish to avoid them.

Step 2: A week after fall break submit a risk map of the company (exhibit 4.3 on page 72, and p 85 of your text). To find the risks for the map read everything you can find online about the company and its operations. The annual report can be helpful but should not be your only source. You should be able to think of some risks not mentioned in company sources. For example, Apple’s international headquarters is in Cupertino California. It has a distribution center and a lot of its infrastructure in California as well. What risks does having buildings in CA have that might need to be addressed for property? Be thorough in identifying the risks.

If you would like me to look at your risk map before you hand it in and give help if needed. Be thorough, but the final product is the only graded item. You should have at least a dozen risks on your risk map.

Step 3: As if you are a Risk Manager at your firm analyze each risk on your map on a separate sheet. You want to identify and explain all the choices for handling each risk. For example, what risks are best handled by insurance. Choose one solution from all the solutions mentioned that is not necessarily the choice of your firm and explain why you think it is the best choice for this risk. Do this for every risk identified on your risk map.

Example of project:

First Section is your risk map. Use the example in the book.

Second section should look something like, but better than the following:




Strategies rejected

Strategy chosen

Explain Choice


list them a.

b. etc.



b. etc.













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