You can use this site for additional help 1. You have a grandfather clock

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You can use this site for additional help
1. You have a grandfather clock you have inherited. It currently is not working.

a. You check that the clock is working, and your push the pendulum to start the clock and hear the distinctive tick tock as it swings back and forth. Yet when you come back a half hour later, the pendulum is not moving. What reason could you give for this and how could you fix them?

b. What is Oscillation, and how can that be used to keep time?

c. How are a tuning fork and a quartz stone similar?

2. Please Review this TedTalk to help formulate your answer.

a. When does the author consider what he does as music? What do you considered to be music?

b. How does surround sound work?

c. Does it depend where you are in a room for surround sound to work?

d. Why does it not matter where a sub-woofer is placed in a room?

e. What is binaural sound? On what classic album did Pink Floyd use extensive use of binaural sound effects to put” The Lunatic inside your head?”

Bonus cool stuff on how Binaural sound can be used to alter what you are listening to with the use of headphones.

3. You can use this video to help you.

a. How does Static Friction work in Velcro?

b. How Sliding Friction work in Velcro?

c. in this clip, how was a wheel used to raise the
4. You can use this video to help you

a) How does a moving wheel have both translational and rotational movement?

b) How does an automatic transmission sense when to change gears? How is this determined in a manual transmission vehicle?
c) If you forget to put the lug nuts on a tire and the tire comes off, what does gyroscopic rotation make the tire do?

d) Could a moving car continue to drive without that 4th wheel?

e) Why do some vehicles have locking hubs to engage 4 wheel drive ?

5. You can use this video to help you
Youre a pilot for the Navy. For your airplane to be able to lift itself off the ground, it must be traveling forward with a speed of 208 km/h (130 mph).

a. The force exerted by the jet engine on the airplane causes it to accelerate down the runway. How long must the runway be for the airplane to reach its takeoff speed if the jet accelerates at a rate of 1 mile per second?

b. How does a helicopter fly that allows it to land in a smaller space then a jet?

c. Why do aircraft carriers use more jets than helicopter?

d. What is a sonic boom, and what causes it?

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