Historical movement and the current movement

Identify 3 elements that are similar between the selected historical movement and the
current movement/issue.
historical movement: Freedom Riders Movement
current movement/issue: The Black Lives Matter
The 3 selected elements to compare are
1. the protection of indigenous land,
2. the protection of indigenous treaties
3. the protection of indigenous health.
The Structure
We will be developing a comparison essay following the “point-by-point”
structure. You will use content from the unit(Ethnic And Racial Minorities pdf I
have provided) and your researched information. Focus on the similarities (not
For example, the structured outline will look like this:
Introduction: General information about BOTH AIM and Standing Rock
Thesis: The 3 similarities between AIM and Standing Rock are the protection of
indigenous land, treaties and health.
• Start with a lead-in statement. Grab the attention of the reader
• Identify the 2 comparable subjects. In the example above, they are AIM
and Standing Rock.
• Transition into your thesis.