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The purpose of these exercises is to enhance your ability to analyze primary sources, relate their contents to other textual evidence, and engage in the practice of historical interpretation. Each student will compose a short written response in which they answer the questions below based on their reading of the selected document as well as their knowledge of relevant course materials. Please look over the questions before you read the document. Papers should be approximately 700 words (two to three pages), typed and double-spaced in twelve-point font, and edited for spelling and grammatical errors. They should also paraphrase or directly quote the document where appropriate, though you do not need to include formal citations. You must include 4 paraphrase or directly quote from the document. Attached are the sources that can be used. deconstruction the text and pay close enough attention to the wording of the questions or addressing them in full. Overall theme: Military Affairs/Warfare

Occupation and the Emergence of Two States, 1945-1961


  • Who is the author of this text and what is it about?
  • Based on your understanding of lecture content and course readings, do you agree with his or her argument or depiction? Why or why not?
  • In its treatment of your chosen topic, how is this text similar to and/or different from the ones you examined in previous SAEs? What accounts for these parallels and/or discrepancies?
  • What does the document tell us about other long-term trends or themes in twentieth-century German history?
  • What did you find most interesting about this text and why?

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