HLT 302 Spirituality and Christian Values

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Based on The Death of Ivan Ilych by Tolstoy and other topic Resources, write a paper that considers the experience of illness and does the following:

Analyzes the story of Ivan Ilych in terms of concepts of the “healing environment” found in Chapters 7-9 of Called to Care: A Christian Worldview for Nursing

Describes the phenomenology of illness and disease (i.e., the personal “what it is like” of illness and disease).

Analyzes your own experience with illness and disease, what impacted that experience, and how it impacted your life.

  1. Center. Shelly, J. A., & Miller, A. B. (2006). Called to care: A Christian worldview for nursing (2nd ed.). IVP Academic. ISBN-13: 9780830827657

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