HLTH 1106 Stimulants Discussion Questions

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Chapter 6 Stimulants Discussion Questions

After you have watched the Meth Video from Frontline. Please research and post one thing that is happening at the current time related to the increase in meth usage, again?

You can not post the same thing as someone else, so post early.

Chapter 6 Questions Assignment Folder

Chapter 7 Depressants and Inhalants 

I want you to think about the usage of inhalants with any age, what messages need to be sent to kids to not try or even experiment with inhalants?  Find inhalant prevention programs and read more articles on prevention to develop your thoughts.What is one question you have about the prevention program posted?

Chapter 7 Questions Assignment FolderAssignment 

Chapter 8 Interventions

Think back to the Stages of Change discussion question.  Depending on what you know of the person, they may be in the stage of change that requires you to intervene, as the person is ready for a change, but is not ready to take that challenge on themselves. The following activity will help you prepare for an intervention. The steps listed can be used for any type of intervention. Eating Disorder, Drug Use, Mental Health, and other relationships. The steps are universal it is the facts that change.

1. Read through these websites: https://americanaddictioncenters.org/intervention/guide


2. Create a toolkit or list that is clear, concise, with examples of what to say, and other steps that would help you or a friend conduct an intervention.

Chapter 8 Questions Assignment Folder  

also chapter 9 and questions


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