HMGT 420 UMGC Ambulatory Care Case Study

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In 3–4 pages address the following aspects:

  • List five different types of ambulatory care settings, describe the services they provide, the populations they serve, their importance within the U.S. healthcare system, and discuss why ambulatory care makes sense in the current healthcare environment.

Compare and contrast free-standing settings versus hospital-based settings.

Include an APA Title Page, APA Reference Page, and provide at least two APA references with correlating in-text citations.……

CDC Website: Outpatient and Ambulatory Care Settings Landing Page

PDF – Management of a Heart Failure Patient in an Ambulatory Care Setting Article

PDF – Ambulatory Care Nursing and Health Equity Publication

APA 7th Edition Formatting for eBook: Reiter, K.L. & Paula H. Song, P.H. (2021). Gapenski’s healthcare finance: An introduction to accounting and financial management. (7th ed.). Health Administration Press

Read PDF – McKinsey & Company 2020 Publication: Ambulatory Care

Read PDF – AHRQ: Ambulatory Care Information

Read PDF – MedPac Ambulatory Care Publication 2022

Read PDF – Trends in Hospitalization vs Observation in Ambulatory Care Article

Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) Website: Main Page

PDF – HHS and AHRQ Patient Safety in Ambulatory Settings

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