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The final paper topic is “Managing Organization Change and Innovation”. The paper will aim at discussing the change recommendation for the organization that I do work for. The change that I will focus on in my final paper is lack of unity which has negatively affected not only the sales and productivity of the organization but also the relationship between employees and the management. Lack of unity has led to delays in making decisions, conflict in the workplace and mismanagement (Debevoise, 2018). The management is not playing the role that it should play which includes uniting the employees and ensuring there are no indifferences between them and the employees. There have been issues with a delay of salaries, harassments, attitudes of entitlement and poorly modeled behavior. For the organization to become productive, there must be unity among the employees and the management (Ivancevich et al, 2013). There are several steps that I would take in the organization that I work for to ensure there is unity. 

The first step is clearly defining goals. To achieve a common goal, the employee needs to work together in teams as they will be able to better understand the goals of the company. The second step is clearly defining roles since too many cooks tend to spoil the broth (Woolley, 2017). Having many people leading will lead to the collapse of the organization hence management should make it clear on the role that each employee plays. The third step is establishing trust among the emplo yees and the management to foster unity. One needs to have trust that their teammates will value the team through trusting and counting on them. The fourth step is encouraging open communication (Woolley, 2017). The ability to communicate effectively brings unity among the employees leading to the success of the organization. Lastly is practice. Unity requires a lot of practice for it to work. Team building works perfectly well for this. By successfully making these changes in the organization that I do work for I am sure it will once again be back to the top organizations in the country. 

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