How would you differentiate between status offenders and juvenile delinquents?

this a discussion it has                        Current Issues

Research current events related to the course topics covered in Units 1–4 and post at least two of these events to the Discussion Board. Within your posting, describe how your chosen items tie into a review of the course thus far. You may use the Kaplan Library or any other outside resource for your research. Be sure to use proper citation. Review your fellow students’ postings and respond to at least three events posting throughout the week.



1  Status Offenders vs. Juvenile delinquents

How would you differentiate between status offenders and juvenile delinquents? What range of penalties should be enforced? What type of sanctions would be appropriate for status offenders and/ or juvenile delinquents?

Do you believe status offenders should be treated differently than juvenile delinquents? Why, or why not?

2 Do you think that watching violence on TV and in films encourage youths to be aggressive and antisocial? Explain.

Do you think these influences (TV and film violence, popular figures/ culture, and technologically-based influencers) are a driving force to aggressive and antisocial behavior? Why, or why not? Include at least one example of a negative influence and an antisocial behavioral pattern because of the influence of social media.

3  What are the differences in delinquency between males and females?

In what ways have girls been discriminated against in the juvenile justice system? Discuss the consequences of this differential treatment. Provide an example(s) as to why you believe females may be discriminated against in the criminal justice system. Discuss the consequences of this differential treatment. Is relational aggression a serious from of aggressive behavior, or is it merely a concept that “pathologizes” the normal behavior of females? Explain.

4 What is meant by the child protection system (CPS)?

Identify the importance of CPS intervention programs, and if you think the courts act in the best interest of an abused child when they allow that child to remain with the family. May certain circumstances allow for this? Explain.

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