how you were raised or by your genes

how you were raised or by your genes

  • 1.Do you think your personality was shaped more by how you were raised or by your genes?


  • 2.When scientists learn that a particular brain structure or chemical is associated with a personality trait, how is that knowledge valuable? Does it help us understand the trait better? Does it have practical implications?


  • 3.If you have siblings, was the family environment in which you grew up the same as, or different from, theirs? If different, do these variations account for how you and your siblings turned out?


  • 4.Is there anything useful about depression? Would a person who was unable to experience depression have problems as a result? Can a person learn anything, or benefit in any way, from being depressed?


  • 5.Do you agree or disagree with evolutionary psychology’s conclusions about sex differences? Do you think these differences exist in the way the theory suggests? Could they be explained as well or better by culture?


  • 6.Do you think psychology will eventually be replaced by biology?