how you would design this study to adhere to ethical guidelines

how you would design this study to adhere to ethical guidelines.

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Unit 3 Assignment Informed consent is a standard part of research studies. As part of the IRB applicaTon process, researchers create a sample consent form that is submi±ed with their study protocol. ²his consent form will be used with parTcipants to inform them of the study and, once the study has been explained, the parTcipants will sign the informed consent form. As part of the process, the informed consent form needs to include a descripTon of what the study involves, including risks and beneFts, if the study is conFdenTal, and how the study data is used. ²he Unit 3 Assignment will include two parts; the consent form and the paper. Both parts should be presented in the following manner with a Ttle, introducTon, conclusion, and reference page. Submit the assignment as mulTple a±achments including the following: •1-2 page paper in a Word document •Completed Informed Consent ³orm Using the template provided, create a sample informed consent form to conduct a study of interest to you (you can create a study from a topic you have discussed in prior weeks, but this is not required). ²he goal is to create a dra´ of an informed consent form similar to that which a researcher would submit to an IRB board for review. Discuss in 1–2 pages how you would design this study to adhere to ethical guidelines. Be sure to include the Fve ethical principles and how your study will conform to them. Discuss one or two ethical issues that could arise during your study and how you would respond to these issues, as a researcher. Be sure to operaTonally deFne your variables and state what scales of measurement would be used, including descripTon of why that scale was chosen. WriTng Requirements and Guidelines Your Assignment should include: •Cover page