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Write a 200-word response to EACH of the 4 individual Posts below. Use APA 6 formatting and citation standards. 

The primary task response post and the assignment prompt is attached**

Assignment Details:

Respond to at least 4 of your fellow classmates with at least a 200-word each reply about their Primary Task Response** regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. To help you with your discussion, please consider the following questions:

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?





#1 Initial Question:

Diversity in Teams

Organizations use different types of teams. Diversity in teams can mean everything from skill sets to ethnicity. Matching the right team structure to the needs of the organization takes understanding of the function of that team structure.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation of future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Respond to the following:

· Explain at least 3 different types of work teams.

· What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each one?

· Of the work teams you have chosen, is one type better than the others? Explain why.

Primary Post HRM345DBR1

Types of Teams

Functional Teams: Functional teams are employees with the same skill set or who perform the same job. For example, a company’s marketing department might be divided into several functional teams, each responsible for a different aspect of marketing, such as product development, market research, and advertising (Mathieu et al., 2017). Cross-Functional Teams: Cross-functional teams are made up of employees from different departments or with different skill sets. For example, a company might create a cross-functional team to develop a new product. The team might include engineering, marketing, and sales representatives. Project Teams: Project teams are temporary ones created to complete a specific task or project. For example, a company might create a project team to launch a new product. Once the product is established, the team will be disbanded.

Advantages and disadvantages of each team

The advantages of this type of team structure are that it leads to clear lines of responsibility and authority, and each team member has a deep understanding of their area of expertise (To et al., 2017). This team structure can also lead to more efficient decision-making since team members are familiar with the company’s processes and procedures. However, functional teams can also be inflexible and slow to respond to change. In addition, team members may not clearly understand the company’s overall strategy and how their work fits into the bigger picture.

The advantages of cross-functional teams are that they can bring together employees from different departments to work on a project and help improve communication and collaboration between employees. The disadvantages of cross-functional teams are that they can be challenging to manage, and employees from different departments may have difficulty working together.

The advantages of project teams include improved communication and collaboration between team members and greater accountability and organization. Project teams can also help to ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget (To et al., 2017). On the downside, project teams can be time-consuming and may not always be the most efficient way to complete a task. Additionally, team members may not always be able to work together harmoniously, leading to conflict and stress.

Selected work team

If I had to propose a team to a corporation, I would choose a project team. This team is the most efficient team that requires minimal follow-up. This team is only necessary when a problem emerges; the unit is not needed when business operations are functioning smoothly. Since challenges do not always exist in a business, a project team would be the most influential group.


Mathieu, J. E., Hollenbeck, J. R., van Knippenberg, D., & Ilgen, D. R. (2017). A century of work teams in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Journal of applied psychology, 102(3), 452.

To, M. L., Ashkanasy, N. M., & Fisher, C. D. (2017). Affect and creativity in work teams. The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of team working and collaborative processes, 441-457.

Osaorenkhoe Coonrodela

Diversity in teams is not only in regards to physical features but also involves skill-sets and time on the job. There are a few types of work teams but the three I will talk about are virtual teams, project tams and self-managed teams. A virtual team is pretty self-explanatory; it is a group of people that work together to meet a common goal without physically working together. They work in different time zones, spaces and use technology like video chats to communicate. Project teams are formed to work on a specific goal with a time frame that must be met. Each member brings their own specific expertise to the table. Finally, self-managed teams involve all members working towards a common goal with little to no management. They must be self-sufficient and be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

As with anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages and I want to discuss those for each work team mentioned above. The advantages of virtual teams are that you can work at your own pace and bring your knowledge and abilities to the table to meet that final goal. Some disadvantages can be time zone differences, language barrier and lack of physical meeting, which I personally think is crucial when working projects. Advantages of project teams are working in a group to meet a very specific goal and being part of something big with a definite timeline. The disadvantages can be the lack of wiggle room when there is a deadline for the project. No matter what may come up, the project must be finished by a certain timeframe. The advantages of self-managed teams in the lack of micro-managing and being able to work at a pace that suites you. With that being said, lack of management can cause a delay in the finished product. Not only that, some team members may lack in pulling their own weight, causing other members of the team to step in and ensure the project is complete.

In my opinion, not one team is superior to another. That is determined by the task at hand and whether the task has a time-frame. Project teams are perfect for very specific project with a deadline, choosing the best candidates would make this team the best option for this specific situation. The same goes for the other two teams I had mentioned. The assignment would determine the best team for the job.

Douglas Stanley

Work teams are something we have either encountered or will encounter in the work force. There are many different types of work teams, and some are more obvious than others. Some of these teams will be assigned, while others will just form on their own when the need arises. Explain at least 3 different types of work teams.

I found a lot of these different work teams very interesting, but the three I chose were functional teams, cross-functional teams, and trouble shooting teams.

Functional teams – These teams are members from the same area of interest. They usually have a standard hierarchy of a supervisor and subordinate. Responsibility is assigned and trust is used when getting tasks accomplished. This is a very common team make up.

Cross functional team – While this team type is very similar to functional teams, the main difference is the members are made up of people from different areas of interest. This team type is very useful when a wide variety of expertise is required.

Troubleshooting Team – This team type can be very important to any workplace. Their main goal is to find solutions to problems that exist within the workplace. They can observe and discuss and then offer solutions to the effected groups on how to fix the problem.

What are some advantages and disadvantages to each one?

Functional teams – These teams have many advantages, such as their make up of people from the same area of work. This can help bring many different ideas for a single goal. There is also a clear structure to this make up. A disadvantage could be management problems. If the team is ran poorly, there will be no hope for it to succeed.

Cross-functional teams – Some advantages to this type of team could be the diversity in the makeup. As stated above, these teams are made up of people from different departments to achieve a common goal. A disadvantage to this team structure could be hierarchy struggles. People may struggle to who of the team is the most important.

Troubleshooting teams – The clear advantage to this team type is to solve the problems the organization. A disadvantage to this could people peoples resistance to listen to the team members.

Of the work teams you have chosen, is one type better than the others? Explain why.

I do not believe any of these teams are better than the other. I feel they all have their own strengths and weaknesses and all will be great if used in a way they will be effective.

#2 Initial Question:

Building Teams

Human resources professionals are frequently assigned to be members of newly formed project teams. In most cases, the HR person’s role in the team is to keep the group focused and on task.

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

You have been asked to lead a team on a new project. Discuss the steps that you will take to complete the following:

· Ensure that the goals of the team are clearly understood by all members.

· Build a strong, cohesive team.

· Manage the interactions in the team

Primary Post HRM345DBR2

in my opinion, the first step in leading a team working on a new project is to bring together a group of people to collaborate on the endeavor. So, I would need to hire people who are good at communicating and working together as a team because of their personalities. To build a strong team, I need to identify people who naturally gravitate toward bringing in others with different levels of experience to work on it. Consequently, workers at all different levels and positions would better understand their respective roles, which would help the growth of a cohesive team.

The next step is to simplify the effective communication process as much as possible. It is an absolute requirement to have effective communication to establish a cohesive team capable of producing the conditions necessary to accomplish a project. Project success depends on the team’s ability to effectively communicate in various oral and written formats the project’s status, goals, and progress (Bell, 2022). As the team leader, I am in a position to encourage team members to socialize with one another and maintain cordial working relationships. Thus, I can keep their relationship on an upbeat track.

At this point, I must encourage everyone on the team to cooperate. Considering that I am the one in charge of the project, it is essential that I have a thorough comprehension of the significance of planning and figuring out the goals respectively. In addition, I need to make sure that every team member is aware of the contribution they are expected to push toward attaining the group’s overall objectives. This is a crucial part of my role. Due to the collaborative nature, team members can achieve their objectives and contribute to the larger goals the team has set for itself.

Problem management is one of the aspects of managing the entire team that is considered among the most critical tasks to perform. When multiple people are working on the same project together, it can be difficult for the team leader to manage the personnel and the conflicts that emerge amongst the different persons working on the project. As a consequence of this, one of the ways that I can assist in alleviating the growing problem is by identifying the skills that the team members bring to the table and compensating them for those talents. This would allow them to focus more intently on the project’s outputs.


Bell, L. A., & Goodman, D. J. (2022). INITIAL CONSIDERATIONS. Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice.

Rochelle Hayes

Ensure that the goals of the team are clearly understood by all members.

Each member of the team that I am putting together for this endeavor will be asked the question at hand. This way I can get a feel of how they are understanding the project that we are working on. Everyone on this project has their own viewpoints on how this project will end up. With this project I am looking for individuals of different cultural backgrounds. This will help broaden the horizon and make the project a little more rounded and complete so that our employer has a broad spectrum on this project. One person will be the head of the team and this person must have very strong communication skills. The rest of the team we’ll give their ideas and concepts to the leader. Our group will need to sort through the ideas at hand and look at everything that has been put fourth and then they can have a democratic vote on how to put it together. This should ensure is that your team is on task with their goals, and it also gives everyone a goal to shoot for so that the project will be complete and on time.

Build a strong, cohesive team.

When I think of this question it’s like building a house having a strong foundation to be able to start the building process. It all starts with management if you have a strong team it’s going to have a strong outcome. When you have a weak team, your foundation is going to crumble. When I look at building a strong team, I’m looking for people that have a positive energy that is willing to work harder and smarter remembering that there is no I in teamwork. what I mean by this for example it starts from the higher up which is your fundamental team those people. (HR resource recruiter’s, CEO’s, vice president’s exedra). It’s just like the game Tetris fitting the puzzle together to make a strong team very effective. When you have a good team with ethics focus on success it is extremely helpful to the project. When everyone sets their it has a clear precise and concise understanding of the project at hand it helps to ensure that the company will make their goal. If you don’t have the right fit problems can arise and have poor communication an organization’s missing the deadlines creates conflict in the workplace. Employers don’t like a lot of conflict they want things to go smooth that’s why it’s very important to build a strong team.

Manage the interactions in the team.

When I think of this question it all starts from the beginning. Using appropriate body language and communication having the ideas taken from everyone in the group helps focus on the project on hand. Having a clear understanding of the rules to set forth encouraging a positive debate. When all is said and done showing appreciation for all the hard work that they’ve done helps a lot and it makes them feel good. Employees are always seeking feedback from their employers especially the ones that are wanting to advance into a higher position in the company. In my experience with my employers being a manager is very important to find out what my weak skills are and my strong skills so I can become a better mentor and coach for my team. When conflict arrives taking care of it at that point in the beginning is a lot better than waiting for it to escalate into something bigger. That is why having a positive interaction with your team is very important. When it comes to interaction employees are wanting managers to be involved in hands-on with projects. When it’s all said and done showing leadership and compassion to your team is very important it shows that you care about their unspoken feelings.

Keenan Maxwell

Management within team environments first and foremost depends on great communication between management and employees as well as individual employees between themselves good effective communications will ensure that all members are aware of the expectation of goal achievement in a timely manner if there are time constraints put on the goal. There are many ways to ensure that each individual member of the team is aware of his or her role and expectations by outlining specific job descriptions required by each position. Without good communication almost no goals could be achieved between members of the team because without communication no one can know their own parts or what other members of the team are going to contribute in the process not to mention that communication is vitally important for any manage team environments especially in the area of supply chain management Good communication can even prevent major safety issues from occurring by communicating needs early on tremendous amounts of money can be saved through positive communication with an outlook towards goal achieving actions but without communicating those things the team necessary to put that plan into action none of the actions will garner results

Team building exercises build trust and active knowledge between each individual within a team and can be utilized to build a strong cohesive team such as employees within a certain shift taking time to work together in an escape room challenge or team building by other universal challenges that will include individual turn to rely upon those skills, knowledge and judgment of one another. Another way to build great relationships inside the team is to focus on all the things that make members of the team similar instead of different certain ideas about shared interest share likes and dislikes many individuals and management plans all kind of the same inclusion that they are it’s very similar. In some cases, even friendly semi competitive board games or online video games can be an effective teaching and team building strategy and tool.

Managing The interactions between Members of the team depend greatly on the circumstances and context for example as a leader if you are the orchestrator of a meeting then you should ensure that each individual employee has time contribute something of value to ask questions it is also important that you treat each individually regardless of race for cultural and religious background. Ensuring that a training program that is compliant with federal Equal Employment guidelines could be an instrumental and valuable investment as well as insuring that employees are trained again various types of communication sensitivities

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