HSA 315 Strayer University Health Informatics Discussion

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Begin by examining some of the websites below, along with anything else you can find about Healthcare Informatics and Data Analysis. Our Course Info page lists several resources you can use, and by all means, look up (google) your own! By the way, the field is so new that there may be other terms used to describe it as well!

What Is Health Informatics? Definition + How to Get Started | Coursera

Informatics: Research and Practice | AMIA – American Medical Informatics Association

HIMSS Certifications

How Health Information Exchange Models Impact Data Analytics (healthitanalytics.com)Assignment

Write a 1-to-2-page paper addressing the following areas, using a suggested one or two paragraphs for each question:

Explain and define your understanding of this dynamic new field.

What is it?

How can it be used?           

In what ways can it advance patient care, public health, cost containment, etc.

Research and provide one specific example of how predictive data analytics is being used in any Healthcare area today.

What kind of education or training is needed to prepare for and focus on this field?

Which of the many potential areas can you see yourself pursuing?

  • Be mindful that a Reference page is required, using a minimum of 3 resources formatted using Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).

Pictures and diagrams are always helpful and welcomed!


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