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Cross-Cultural Management


American Public University

MGMT610: Cross-Cultural Management




Cross-cultural management aids in understanding different human behaviors in an organization based on cultures and other countries around the globe. Cross-cultural management is basically business and trade-oriented. An organization should appoint a manager with the skills and abilities to interact and efficiently communicate with the various people in the organization be it geographical, ethnic, or cultural differences. The current researchers are trying to figure out the trend of publication of cross-cultural management in a major organization (Långstedt, 2018). As a manager understanding the aspects of cross-cultural management is crucial to determining the changes and effectiveness they bring to an organization. This paper tends to survey to what extent cross-cultural management has or will improve organizational managers to become better not only for themselves through services delivery but also for the people they are managing by helping them to become better people as well as perform better in their duties.

Cross-cultural management assists an organization in dealing with people from different cultures and backgrounds through transactions and interaction. The aspect of cross-cultural management has emerged due to the diversification in workplaces. with the evolution in the education castor and the wide spread of democratic policies across the world, the opening of borders to trading and marketing the workforce department has gained popularity across the globe. It is the duty of managers, leaders, and employees to take a step in taking the advantages to cross culture has brought. Organizations are facing difficulties in managing this form of diversity (Jackson & Primecz, 2019). The integration of human resource management and the acquisition of cross-cultural management-oriented personnel will help a great deal in managing and exploring this talent and opportunities to an organization’s advantage.

Organizations are able to give their employees training for having greater understanding of the difference brought by cross cultural diversity. this helps them understand their fellow workers to enhance communications and improve teamwork among employees. they should be trained to entertain and coop with their fellow works emotional differences while communicating this will help them know when someone is losing interest in the way they communicate.

As managers, we need to recognize and appreciate the strengths and the importance of cross-cultural management. An organization that employs people from diverse ethnic groups working together in the company will see benefits over an organization that is based on single ethnicity. there is a huge difference since in practicing cross cultural behaviors in an organization there is a variety of people with different thinking capacities and problem-solving solutions that will help the organization in making the right decisions when it comes to trading and marketing. Managers considering cross cultural management pave way for a win-win scenario for the organization and the employees as well.

In a business the most important part is communication. the different organizations have difficulty in penetrating the market due to the language barrier. An organization such as Starbuck having a manager with cross cultural skills and the ability to communicate with various people from different countries will put them at an advantage in the market across the globe. For instance, western cultured people like communication to be limited to the exact point while the eastern culture uses long speech and sentences to make a simple point. communication among employees should be considered for effective performance and in the communications between the employees and the customers. they should learn to go straight to the point they want to make to enable customer certification (Søderberg & Holden, 2015).

Research shows that some cultural managers opt for managerial intervention as a plan to keep up with cultural Barriers by imposing specific guidelines for a team and stepping in when case of language barrier issues, the employee is asked to find better strategies to deal with the problem at hand and when the problem is persistent, the manager steps in and reviews their work by going through the specific communication issues in depth. Managers at times may choose to relocate employees to different teams depending on the severity of the cultural barriers. this is mostly not the first option; an effective cross-cultural manager will have to try to find a way to improve and correct the situation before opting for the decision. Removing them from the team this gives the managers time to focus on improving the productivity of the rest of the group to foresee the organizations’ objectives being met.

As an organization therefore the need to see that the employees of the organization’s culture are checked in this case is very crucial in any case if the employees or the managers are to be productive. this will help the managers and the leaders understand their responsibilities in attaining the organization’s objectives. In today’s evolving business surrounding, cross-cultural management is a should have the ability for work and especially those who are venturing to operate in a organization that is already has market globally or ones that are aiming to expand their markets to the global status. This comes in terms of understanding the market demands and how the current situation of the organization can be improved to fit and be able to compete with the rest of the organization in this competitive marker Both local and international. This may be broken divided into two subgroups. local cultural divergences are a result of the many backgrounds and perspectives represented within the company’s workforce as discussed in the previous research. By so doing this creates a cohesive work atmosphere that encourages teamwork between culturally diverse people, managers must solve these individual differences to foster team work among their employees.

According to (Långstedt, 2018) An organization’s managers should be able to understand the market before venturing and investing their strategies and resources into it. Starbuck carries out surveys of its markets to ensure they are familiar with the way things operate and the mode of communication, ways of marketing products are done before venturing their products. This helps in evading any form of disagreement that might end up occurring in the process. Hence this helps in making sure that a company knows and strategies the things to be done that would assist in ensuring that the organization penetrates smoothly to into the market by basically getting to know the culture and understanding the environment. this will help the manager to come up with strategies that will help the organization overcome the challenges of the developing markets as well as determine the best strategies to help them stabilize, take over the market, and ensure objectivity in their agendas.

According to research organizations that practice cross cultural management have the advantage of marketing their products and services in a much easier way in this diverse and changing customer base. This diversity ensures that the organization produces products and services that are of good quality hence reducing product turnover while improving productivity. As a manager in Starbuck supporting employee workplace environment levels the level of productivity in the organization in a cross-cultural working environment. lack of discrimination and respect attracts loyal employees into the organization. Cross cultural management has challenges that many researchers have found to be affecting organization development and growth (Søderberg & Holden, 2015). For instance, contradicting working styles among teams. Different working styles are adopted by various people as a cross cultural manager you should be able to help sort out the issues that may interfere with the proceeding of the work. This can be done by having a common working strategy that the group members must adapt to and should be made in a way that is considering the whole group to put in efforts to adjust to the working conditions

As a manager, we should understand cultural sensitivity, insight, and knowledge this will help the organization to see the good quality in production which will bring diversity to our markets. The understanding of these qualities lends itself to producing more effective materials that will help them to dominate the markets. For example, producing high quality products and culturally sensitive marketing sites and the input from native speakers will help cross cultural managers to be effective in their marketing strategies. understanding the specific market needs and coming up with effective marketing strategies to ensure sales of the products should be a priority in making sure you provide goods and services that are required in the diverse markets. as a cross cultural manager, you should be able to understand the dangers and damages that might be eminent to the organizations this can be overcome through employing a workforce that is specialized in a local market survey to help bypass these obstacles.

Cross cultural awareness as management may be realized through recruitment strategies employed by organizations. In these competitive markets having employees from different nationalities will show that your business is determined to see through the multicultural and inclusions if seen in your business and the environment you bring to the market. This will make an organization stand out and be recognized by a larger range of people. As a Starbuck manager bringing numbers in form of customers through the globe is what we are all about (Jackson & Primecz, 2019) t. having the ability to ensure the organization is recognized means there is a huge opportunity to be taken in form of marketing products and services, this on the other hand means you are devoted to promoting peace among different people. A cross cultural manager is able to attract employees from various countries, this means the organization is able to reach global markets by so doing their will be an increase in production of both goods and services leading to an increase in income generation. Organizations able to meet their targets means they are able to meet their objective that is set by the board.

Organizations working across all cultures are enriched by the different talents and professionals that will be working for the organization. this allows others to learn about different traditions and the way things are done creates a background for business people and organizations to establish are stable and competitive businesses. through bonding understanding the difference and similarities that organizations and customers from different parts of the globe have helps one become a global citizen. This puts one in an advantageous position in the global market. Cross-cultural working mates can also be enriching where employees are exposed to a variety of skills to learn from and help them in their personal and professional growth and development. An organization benefits since the skills learned are put into action by producing products that will be accepted in a diverse market promoting the organization’s sales. It can help the employees on another level in their career by expounding their networks to international levels (Jackson & Primecz, 2019).

Cross cultural management cuts across economic activities as well as the pollical levels. For successful trade between different countries and continents, there must be a good relationship between the two. this is made possible through negotiation and agreement between nations (Søderberg & Holden, 2015). The government policies should be favorable to businesses that are eying global markets this is in terms of tax rates and export and import policies to create a good cross-cultural relationship. Generally scholars agree that cross cultural management is vital to the success of a business this is due to the increase in globalization. Organization weather large or small scale are embracing cross cultural management to help them improve production by bringing in creativity and new skills from different groups of personnel. This is with the aim of expanding their boundaries to ensure they meet their organizations missions and visions.


This research discusses the benefits and the opportunities cross cultural management instills in business and marketing it is in our best interest as business owners and organization managers to incorporate these strategies into our current strategies to enable us to reach the objectives and goals of the organizations that we own or work for. cross cultural management in this research does not target the internal organization but external parts too. By incorporating these strategies into our organizations then we are in a pole position to become competitive and successful in our businesses and ensure objectivity in terms of trade and marketing.


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