Human Resources staff

Human Resources staff

Need help for writing an email about New Year’s Day

finish this assignment using the following instructions.


Background Info:


In the past, your company offered all employees 11 holidays, starting with New Year’s Day in January and proceeding through Christmas Day the following December. Other companies offer similar holiday schedules. In addition, your company has given all employees one floating holiday. That day was determined by a company-wide vote. As a result, all employees had the same day off.


Now, however, management is considering a new plan that involves a floating holiday that each employee may choose. Selections, however, would be subject to staffing needs within individual departments. If two people wanted the same vacation day, the employee with the most seniority would have the day off.


Your Task:

As a member of the Human Resources staff, write an email to employees asking them to choose between continuing the current company-wide uniform floating holiday or instituting a new plan for an individual floating holiday. Be sure to establish an end date for the request.