I need 4 75 word responses for the first 4 and under where it says activity I need 2 100 word responses.

I have attached A document with 6 paragraphs.  I need 4 75 word responses for the first 4 and under where it says activity I need 2 100 word responses. Just remember they each need to be based on each set of paragraphs. Due today by 5 pm pacific time


In both cases Block v. Rutherford and Kentucky Department of Corrections v. Thompson, the Supreme Court did not decide whether inmates have the right under the Constitution to have visits. What they did decide was that it is up to the institutions if the inmates get any type of visit or no visit at all. In Block v. Rutherford, per the textbook, it is stated that “the Constitution does not require that detainees be allowed contact visits when responsible, experienced administrators havedetermined, in their sound discretion, that such visits will jeopardize the security of the facility”. What this means is that if something happened within the prison, visitations were to be suspended in order to keep everyone inside and outside the prison as safe as possible. Also, if there was a problem with a specific inmate, that inmate’s visitation would be placed on suspension in order to keep that inmate under control, almost like a punishment for his/her actions. So, contact visits are allowed for those inmates who have crimes not related to drugs or murder, but this is something that is decided by the institution and not by the Constitution.

It is said that any type of visit for inmates is seen as a positive thing. Visits help the inmates to gain perspective on what they did and what they need to do in order to get back to their families. Getting to see loved ones helps the inmates to realize what is important to them and helps to calm them down during the remainder of their time spent in prision. This helps them to stay out of trouble because they don’t want to do anything that is going to get them more time behind bars.