I need 9 response to match 9 interventions:

I need 9 response to match 9 interventions:

Each must flow with one another with- A and B

Example A: QMHP assess Sharon mood. QMHP met with Sharon to work on leaning ways to manage daily symptoms…. (word QMHP must be included 9 times by using words like… engage, assist, educated, encourage, observed, model, provided, challenge, support, utilize, coach.


Example B: of Intervention, that must flow and match above response: Sharon was sitting in the living room crying. Sharon reported that she was agitated with her boyfriend. Sharon identified talking to therapist to manage her symptoms of depression. (Sharon must be included 9 times by using words like receptive, provided, reported, verbalized, shared, explore.


1st Project- include one or two of the goals

GOAL 1: Sharon will develop and implement the skills to manage daily symptoms 2 to 4 times a week for the next 90 days. “I don’t want to go back in the hospital.”

GOAL 2: Sharon will carry out daily functioning activities independently 1 to 3 times a week for the next 90 days.

“I will look presentable.”

GOAL 3: Sharon will explore resources that are beneficial 1 to 2 times weekly and establish positive interpersonal relationships for the next 90 days.

“I want to connect with people.”

Case Scenario: Sharon history: Sharon has a risk of being hospitalized and homeless. Sharon has a history of suicidal ideation. Sharon symptoms includes mood swings, anger outburst, isolation and feeling hopelessness. Sharon needs reminders to take her medications. Sharon currently lives with her daughter and 3-grnadchildren


1. QMHP will educate Sharon about her diagnosis. QMHP will engage Sharon on exploring and identifying daily symptoms. QMHP will explore effective coping skills through role-play. QMHP will coach and model and demonstrate how to use coping skills. QMHP will engage Sharon in positive thinking activities.

2. QMHP will review the benefits of creating a schedule as it relates to independence living skills. QMHP will support Sharon in determining activities to include in her schedule. QMHP will modification of schedule as needed.

3. QMHP will utilize Sharon’s genogram to explore her family pattern. QMHP will encourage Sharon to explore the relationship between her family patterns and mental health.