I need assignment 1 done for week 2 for my strategic partnering with

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 Assignment 1: HR Scorecard The View from the Top Due: Sunday, Midnight of Week 2 (10% of total grade) Overview You can’t expect to earn a seat at the table if you don’t understand what matters to the other leaders who are already at the table. Elevating HR to a strategic partnership with the C-Suite requires a deep knowledge of the business. This includes the competitive landscape, how the business makes money, and the threats and opportunities the business faces. It also requires that the very essence of the company – its mission and values – forms the foundation for every hiring, firing, compensation and talent development initiative that HR and the business leaders undertake. In this assignment, you are given the opportunity to develop a brief “snapshot” document to be used as a visual support for an initial meeting a between a newly hired, or recently promoted, CHRO and the CEO and CFO. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how well current talent-development efforts and the HR function as a whole support the Mission, Values and Strategy of the organization. In other words, are the things that HR is spending its time on the same things the C-Suite actually cares about? Instructions For this assignment, you will use your own organization and place yourself in the role of the senior-most HR leader. Because this is a meeting with C-Suite executives, you know that presenting a long written document is not the right way to support the discussion or to demonstrate your executive presence. You decide to create an executive brief that does two things: (1) demonstrates your knowledge of the business and (2) presents a snapshot of how the HR role is currently functioning. Submission Requirements 1. Use the template and scorecard provided as a guide. You may modify these to create a more visually interesting layout if it supports your synopsis, as long as your submission addresses all required components. • Page 1 is a snapshot of the business and includes brief summaries of your assessment of the top priorities in elevating the HR function in ways that will improve the profitability of the company. • Page 2 is a scorecard using the “7 Principles of The Talent Masters” as a way to summarize your observations of the corporate culture and practices in your organization that impact HR and talent development 

 2. Type your notes (in brief) into each of the cells in the template. You may expand as needed but your entire submission must be no more than 3 pages in length 

 RUBRIC: Assignment 1 CRITERIA Unsatisfactory Low Pass Pass High Pass Honors 1. HR Snapshot Weight 45% Template was missing or had multiple sections left blank and/or content was off topic. All sections were completed but content demonstrated only superficial understanding of issues and research into competitive environment. Met basic requirements but lacked detailed content demonstrating understanding of key issues. Very good summaries of each topic demonstrating research and understanding of HR issues and opportunities. Template demonstrated excellent understanding of topics and provided deep insights into HR issues and opportunities. 2.Scorecard Weight 35% Scorecard was incomplete or contained irrelevant content that demonstrated lack of understanding of the Talent Masters principles. Scorecard presented basic assessment of Talent Masters principles but was confusing and/or rankings were missing. Al Scorecard fields were completed with good synopses and rankings were complete. Content showed basic understanding of issues and principles. Scorecard content was very well organized and provided very good synopses of the situation relating current practices to Talent Masters principles. Scorecard was exceptionally well thought out and provided an excellent synopsis of the situation relating current practices to Talent Masters principles. 3. Writing and Mechanics Weight: 20% Document contained numerous spelling and mechanical errors. Summaries were unclear or poorly structured. Document had minor spelling and mechanical errors. Structure and summary were adequate but lacked refinement. Document was free from major errors in spelling and grammar mistakes and made good use of summary to highlight main points. Document was errorfree and well written with very good summaries of content. Document was errorfree and well written with outstanding summaries of content. 

Make sure you use  the template

JWI 522: Assignment 1 HR Snapshot Template (Students to replace RED text with their own content)

Write the mission of the organization. Include additional team (or divisional) mission statements, if applicable.


What are the stated values (or behaviors) of the company?

HR’s Importance to the CEO and C-Suite

Provide a brief summary of the relationship between your HR department and the CEO and C-Suite. Use specific examples where possible to support your assessment (such as inclusion in key strategy and budgeting meetings). You should also address less formal metrics such as whether the CEO sees the head of HR as a trusted partner in running the company or whether HR is primarily viewed as a service function. Since you are being asked for candor in your assessment, present things as you see them. Be direct and honest.

HR Successes and Wins

How has HR contributed to the success of the organization in your eyes? Provide examples of key strategic wins if they exist. If not, focus on the day-to-day operational efficacy of the team. Don’t embellish and don’t let your ego (or wishful thinking) obscure the truth. If you feel there is a discrepancy between your views on this and the views of the CEO, address this in your comments.

Top Competitors
Who are we up against? What do we know about their talent management practices?

Biggest Threats

What can cause us to lose our competitive advantage?

Biggest Opportunities

How can we win? What are the implications for talent development needs?

How does HR spend its time now?

Provide a snapshot of the size of the team, the roles/specialties on the team and how time is allocated to various functions – hiring and firing, compliance, benefits, strategic planning, budgeting, training & development, etc.

What are the most pressing talent development and staffing needs to help the company win?

What’s needed to help the company fulfill its mission and meet its strategic initiatives? Think beyond the tactical (e.g., fill all our open positions by the end of the quarter) and address “big picture” needs. Note: when you finish entering your notes, there will be a side-by-side list created with the previous question highlighting alignment (or lack thereof) between what’s happening now and what’s needed.

Talent Masters Scorecard (see pages 18 – 20 of The Talent Masters Chapter 1 for a brief summary of each principle)


Synopsis of Current Situation

(1= L0W; 5 = HIGH)

1. Enlightened Leadership Team

2. Meritocracy Through Differentiation

3. Working Values

4. A Culture of Trust and Candor

5. Rigorous Talent Assessment

6. A Business Partnership with Human Resources

7. Continuous Learning and Improvement

© Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University confidential and proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University. This document is subject to change based on the needs of the class.

JWMI 522 – Assignment 1 Template (1212) Page 1 of 2


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