i need somebody to write a 6 paper research MLA style

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i will neeed somebody to write a 5 paper research about Race Issues Across
Generations in the 
period between 1945 to 1965 you will need to go by this outline: (you can use anything written in the outline also resources)

Baby Boomers 1945-1965

i.  Means
of exposure to the media

Primary Media

News paper


Secondary Media



ii.  Images/attitudes
expressed in the media

How are individuals being depicted?

a) Until the rise of television,
People outside the south were not aware about what was going on.

How are groups of similar races being depicted?

a)Most were horrified with the
beatings, murders, and other brutalities exposed by the media.

 How are
mixed racial groups being depicted?   A) Whites were the main consumers of TV
programming and of the advertised products, and by the early 1950s ratings
illustrated that white Americans preferred shows with blacks in traditional
stereotypic roles

iii.  Applications
of images and attitudes applied in real life

Many northern whites did not understand what was
happening in the a a) South. Here the new medium of television delivered
powerful images to the nation’s living room. Issues in real cases that could be
directly linked to media depictions.

Issues in real cases that could be directly
linked to media depictions

A ) The major thing that happened
during this period is that TV started to become popular. People all around the
stats became more aware about what is happening in the south. Also the media
brought the inequalities and denials of basic civil rights in the South to the
attention of the entire nation

iv.  Improvements
in racial relations?

Between this generation and prior generations

A lot of change happened during this time. It is improving,
but did not end. We still face racial incidence, but after the civil right
moment. Racial incidents are vanishing quickly 

Within the years this generation covers

a) Although we still face it,
racism is not accepted nether by law or individuals. The problem is that this
is something people have different thoughts on, that it’s really hard to change
it. The majority of people stand agents this issue, so the rest of these
individuals are forced to take un-racial actions.





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