Identify two organizational structures used in health care.

I need 120 words for each question. Please ensure to post individual reference with each question

Unit 1

Q 1; Identify two organizational structures used in health care. What are the central characteristics of each? To what extent is bureaucracy necessary in health care organizations? Explain.

Q 2; How does a doctorally prepared nurse work across and between levels of an organization? What are the challenges and/or rewards to be gained? Does one outweigh the other? Resources   Delmatoff, J., & Lazarus, I. R. (2014). The most effective leadership style for the new landscape of healthcare. Journal of Healthcare Management, 59(4), 245-249. URL:  Arbab Kash, B., Spaulding, A., Johnson, C. E., & Gamm, L. (2014). Success factors for strategic change initiatives: A qualitative study of healthcare administrators’ perspectives. Journal of Healthcare Management, 59(1), 65-81. URL:   Kritsonis, A. (2004/2005). Comparison of change theories. International Journal of Scholarly Academic Intellectual Diversity, 8(1) 1-7.  URL:   Suter, E., Goldman, J., Martimianakis, T., Chatalalsingh, C., Dematteo, D. J., & Reeves, S. (2013). The use of systems and organizational theories in the interprofessional field: Findings from a scoping review. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27(1), 57-64. doi:10.3109/13561820.2012.739670 URL:  Narayana, E. A. (1992). Bureaucratization of non-governmental organizations: An analysis of employees’ perceptions and attitudes. Public Administration and Development, 12(2), 123-137. URL:     Klemsdal, L. (2013). From bureaucracy to learning organization: Critical minimum specification design as space for sensemaking. Systemic Practice & Action Research26(1), 39-52. doi:10.1007/s11213-012-9267-3 URL:

Unit 2

Q 1: What are three payment structures used in the health care industry across the care continuum? How are they similar? How are they different? Is there a single problem that transverses all three of the identified payment structures? Explain.

Q 2: Identify a significant problem with one of the three payment structures used in the health care industry across the care continuum (from DQ 1) and propose a solution from one of the other two payment structures.  Resources   Financial and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Read chapters 1 and 3.   URL:  Institute of Medicine. (2013). Best care at lower cost: The path to continuously learning health care in America. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.   URL:  Kingsley, T. (2014). Diagnosing the Current Problems of the United States Health Care System Requires Examining the History of Health Reform. Kennedy School Review1463-69. URL: