Indian Hills Community College Controlling the Spread of Microbes Discussion

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Exercise 1:Once you have identified the microbes in the field you will need to be able to establish plans and practices to control the spread and educate the public. You will need to know about and use both physical and chemical methods of control. What will you need to know to be prepared to control outbreaks? Where could you find the information you need?

Exercise 2


Go to a drug store or other store that sells different types of sanitizers. Investigate what microbes each states it controls or kills. Find at least 5 different types (not all hand sanitizers!)

Bring the list with you to the Lesson.

Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including:

1. Factors affecting microbe death

2. Antimicrobial agents and how they work

3. Physical methods of control

4. Chemical methods of control

Exercise 3:

Activity 1: Controlling Microbes Video

Based on what you have learned during the Task, design a 2 minute video to teach a selected audience about a physical or chemical method of controlling microbes. Your audience may be children, adults, peers, etc.

Activity 2: Virtual Lab

Complete the virtual lab, What Kills Germs

Activity 3: Destroying Bacteria Lab

Using the directions from Week 4, make gelatin to grow bacteria. Once you have a good growth of bacteria on the gelation:

  1. Put a drop of hand sanitizer or other chemical microbe inhibitor on the gelatin where the bacteria is growing.
  2. Leave for a day and see if the bacteria are killed. If they are you will see a clear ring in the area where you dropped the sanitizer.
  3. Try different types of sanitizers such as Clorox, hand sanitizer, Listerine, or other household cleaners.

Activity 4: Case Study

Complete the case, ELVIS Meltdown! Microbiology Concepts of Culture, Growth, and Metabolism

First, Download the case study.

Second, Work through the case, answering all questions.

Submit video, report of the sanitizer lab, and case study to Moodle

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