Individual: Usability and Accessibility Test

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a usability test on your website home page.


questions and work with a peer to answer questions on your site usability.


an automated accessibility test on the home page of your school website.


both the WebAim Wave ( and ATRC AChecker ( automated tests.


the differences in the way these tools report the results of the test. Did both tests find similar errors?


a half-page report that describes the results of the tests and includes your recommendations for improving the website

Individual: Usability and Accessibility Test
Running Head: Individual: Expanded Website Plan Online chat page This feature will allow our visitors to interact with the management team to get more information about the website or available jobs. The feature will consist of one text field where users will insert their message and a button to submit the message. Below the submit button there will be some hidden text fields where sent messages and replies will be displayed. FAQs page This is a Frequent Asked Questions page that will allow our visitors to view some past questions which were have already been answered by our management team. The questions will be arranged from the most asked question to the list one. Most visitors have similar questions and hence the page will save time by having some questions answered for our visitors. The page will be composed of an HTML table with a number of auto-generated table data each having hidden text fields where questions and their respective answers are displayed. At the bottom the page, there will be a text field and a button to allow the user post their own question in case the question is not on the list. Newsletter page This feature will allow our visitors to subscribe for news and updates for new jobs using their email address or phone numbers. All our subscribers will receive notifications in their emails or phones in case a new job that matches their profession is posted. The page will have a text box where users will input their email address, a combo box with a list of professions from which users will select their profession, a check box which users will select to confirm that they have agreed to our terms and conditions, and a submit button to submit the subscription details. All the input fields will be validated using JavaScript.

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