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Inference and Interpretation
Reflect on how you sometimes form your views and perspectives regardless of data or evidence to the contrary.

Based on your readings, research, and experiences as well as your study and consideration of the Exhibit above, select and analyze one issue that is now in the national debate, on health, education, climate change, role of the US foreign policy, United Nations, undocumented workers, or unions and the minimum wage. In writing your essay, consider how your thinking impacts how you give meaning to events, social issues, or facts.

Select one issue as your topic for the essay. Refer to the following guidelines to narrow your topic.

  • Time: Limit the time span of your topic. For example, you could limit Affordable Care Act research to information from the past two years; not the debate leading up to the Act. Or, you could look at U.S. foreign policy during the 1990’s.
  • Population: Limit by age, sex, race, occupation, ethnic group or species. For example, you could limit research to how climate change affects polar bears or how the United Nations has played a role in empowering women.
  • Location: Location can help you limit by topic (and sometimes population). For example, you could examine undocumented workers in Florida or how U.S. Policy is affecting current events in Syria.
  • One Aspect: Consider just one piece of a larger subject. For example, you could look at how certain cities across the country are raising the minimum wage.

Include the following points:

  • Clarity
  • Logic
  • Justifiability
  • Profundity – your depth of knowledge on a topic
  • Reasonableness
  • Consistency

The essay is a roadmap of how your mind works. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer. The goal is to support your critical thinking based on readings from text, articles, or discussions in class.


  • Your essay should be 4-5 pages.
  • Incorporate three scholarly sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course. Cite and reference your sources properly.
  • Format your essay, including all citations and references, according to the APA requirements.

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