INR 4013 – Final Exam Questions 1 page answers

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1. International law remains a challenging concept in international relations for a variety of reasons. What are some of the most apparent challenges? In your answer, analyze at least two thinkers we discussed in class. What do these thinkers say about human nature? How should international law be enforced. ?

2. Immanuel Kant raised the prospect of a more global form of governance leading to sustained international peace. Do you agree that this is possible? Why or why not? In your answer, compare and contrast Kant’s arguments with an author we have read that you believe would disagree with these assertions.?

 3. Many of the authors we have read have divergent viewpoints on the concept of human nature. Some take a more positive view, while others are more cynical. Do you believe that human nature is fundamentally good but can be led astray OR do you take a more cynical view that human nature is fundamentally depraved? Furthermore, do you believe man/society is progressing or regressing? In your answer, identify and analyze the arguments of at least one author from each viewpoint.

 4. Adam Smith and Jean Jacques Rousseau each write extensively about the role of economics in society. How would you describe each writer’s thoughts? Have industrialization and globalization been more beneficial or detrimental to mankind according to these thinkers? Do you agree with one more than the other?

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