Intake Interview Analysis Worksheet

In this section of the assignment, you will analyze the questions you will use to conduct the 5-10 minute mock intake interview of your client. The instructor will provide feedback on your answers below. Use this feedback to revise your intake interview questions before the mock interview.

[Keep in mind Phase I in the Helping Process (in Chapter 3 in Direct Social Work Practice) and obvious adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics when analyzing and revising your questions.]

Introduction- In this section, provide brief intake form information of the client (50-75 words):
Explain the engagement skills/questioning strategies you used when writing your questions (50-75 words):
How will you deal with a combative/passive client (read Chapter 18 in Direct Social Work Practices)? (40-50 words)
How will you handle any cultural personal biases that might arise during the interview? (40-50 words)
Explain your initial assessment of the client:
What are the primary concerns or goals of the client?
What are possible serious health or safety concerns that might require your attention or intervention?
Describe any personal or family coping capacities, skills, values, motivations of the client.
List some client strengths and weaknesses:
Explain the presenting problem and other possible identified problems of the client. (40-50 words)
Describe the cultural background of the client (20-40 words):
Describe any culture/subculture issues of the client (20-40 words):
Explain whether there are any social phenomena (behavior that influences or is influenced by the client) in this case (30-40 words):
Explain the effective physical attending behaviors you will use during the interview (30-50 words):
Explain the positive responses you will use to help move the interview forward (30-50 words):
Explain how you will show empathy and compassion during the interview (30-40 words):
List some possible measurable client goals you will suggest to the client:
Citing two scholarly sources (including the textbook), explain some possible intervention ideas-including any group type interventions you might suggest to the client and why you feel these ideas might help (150-200 words)