Integrated Engineering Studies

You should design a product and produce a report by yourself (this is not a group project). The product and report must be different to the one your group submitted in April.
Caledonian Enterprises is a company which specialises in developing new/modified products where they identify gaps in the market. For example they developed electric motors for bicycles to make cycling easier. They developed a more energy efficient kettle. You are an employee of Caledonian Enterprises looking for new ideas, new products to develop. Typically the sorts of products which you may choose could be:

A product for the motorist.
A mobile phone accessory.
Something related to TV / home computer / home entertainment.
A gadget to save energy.
You may have a great idea inspired by a hobby.

You will be required to complete the following:

Pick a product –you should have several ideas and you should pick your best idea.
Consider Ethics, Sustainability and Health and Safety as part of the project.
Analyse the market, for example:

Who are the potential customers and what do they want? How much will they pay and how many will they buy (sales forecast)?
Who are the potential competitors and what do they offer? How much are their products and how many do they sell (market share)?

Design the product and produce :

A description of the design which should include:

A description of how it works.
Sketches of the component parts with sizes (dimensioned engineering drawings) if appropriate.
What materials/components are used to build the product.

A picture of the product.
A list of component parts (Bill of Materials).

Write a report which contains all of the above bullet points.