Inter-rater reliability lab 5

Answer the following questions:

1. Why is inter-rater reliability important?

2. Input your age data into SPSS and find the real correlation. You will do this with two variables yours and your partners. My variable would be Age_SJ and my partner would be Age_XX. Then, find the Pearson’s correlation (you use this statistic just for continuous variables)

  1. analyze
  2. correlate
  3. bivariate
  4. Select the continuous variables you want to correlate. In our example, select Age_SJ and Age_XX.
  5. Click okay and view output.

What was the correlation?

3. Input your categorical variable the same way

a. select analyze

b. select descriptives

c. select crosstabs

d. put Categorical_SJ in rows

e. put Categorical_XX in columns

f. click on statistics

g. click on kappa; then continue

h. Click Okay and view the output.

What was your kappa?

4. Was the inter-rater reliability between your rating and your partner’s higher or lower than you would expect? Was it higher for one variable or another? What contributes to a higher correlation or a lower correlation?