Internet Of Things (IoT)

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STORYBOARD 1. Determine your presentation topic. Research, collect, and brainstorm the content and pertinent images you may want to include. Note: When searching for images, be sure to look for images that allow you to use them (i.e., are released under a Creative Commons license or are in the public domain). BING image search will allow you to limit the search to only those images you can use by using the options under the License drop-down menu that appears after you make a search. If you are using or including information from another source, be sure to cite the source in APA format at the bottom of any slides where you used the external resource or information. 2. Plan your presentation by developing a Storyboard using the Storyboard MS Word template provided in the student resource files for PowerPoint Chapter 1. Your presentation must include a Title slide, an Introduction slide, at least five content slides, and a Conclusion slide (eight total slides minimum). Be sure to review all

presentation requirements (below) to include, where applicable, in your Storyboard. Note: It may be helpful to note in your Storyboard where you plan on including requirements such as the SmartArt, slide transition and animation, etc. 3. Save your Storyboard Word document as “Storyboard_Lesson3_MEID.docx.”
PRESENTATION 1. Create a new PowerPoint presentation using one of the available templates that visually matches your topic. Apply a Variant color scheme for the template selected if desired. 2. Save your presentation as “PowerPoint_Lesson3_MEID.pptx.” Note: Where indicated, replace “MEID” with your MEID number. 3. Insert a header with your MEID and a footer with page numbering to display on every slide. 4. Create a Title slide for your presentation. Include on the Title slide your name, MEID, and course and section number. 5. Create an Introduction slide summarizing your content slides and key points or information you will be presenting. 6. Create at least four content slides using at least two to three different slide layouts throughout your presentation. Include appropriate text and images for each slide to demonstrate what you learned regarding best practices for developing effective presentations. 7. Create a Conclusion slide summarizing or reiterating your key points presented. 8. Create a References slide at the end of the presentation to list any sources for textual or image content used in your presentation. Be sure to format the References using APA formatting. 9. Create and include effective Presenter Notes on all of your slides except for the title slide to aid in the hypothetical delivery of your presentation to an audience. 10. Insert and include at least one SmartArt diagram with information appropriate to your topic and information being presented. 11. Apply a slide transition and text or object animation to at least one slide in your presentation. 12. Insert and include WordArt on at least one slide to add emphasis to the topic and information presented (see example Figure 3.31 in textbook). 13. Preview your presentation in Slide Show mode to review your slides and information and ensure everything looks (and works) correctly. While in the Slide Show view, add an annotation on at least one slide using the Pen tool and save this to your presentation. 14. Customize the Document Properties for your presentation in the Properties dialog box (accessed from the File > Properties > Advanced Properties) as follows: a. On the Summary tab, ensure the Author box contains your full name. Enter “CIS105 Lesson 3” in the Comments box. b. On the Custom tab select Project from the Name list. Type “CIS105 Assignments” in the Value box and then click Add. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box when finished.

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