Interprofessional Collaboration

Complete paper as a critical care registered nurse
Use only these two sources:
Patel, P. C., Panzera, A., DeNigris, J., Dunn, R., Chabot, J., & Conners, S. (2011). Evidence-based practice
and a nursing journal club: An equation for positive patient outcomes and nursing empowerment. Journal for
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American Nursing Association. (2015). Nursing: Scope and standards of practice (3rd ed.). American Nurses
Planning for our patients during times of transitions (for example: hospital to home, home to rehabilitation
facility) involves collaboration with a number of healthcare professionals. Please address the following
• How does your facility promote interprofessional collaboration during times of patient transitions?
• What is the role of the nurse in patient transitions?
• What gaps can you identify in this process related to quality of care?