Introductory Psychology- Seven Major Sources of Stress Discussion Board

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The first source of stress from chapter 3 that affects me is hassles. Although the hassles in my life are minor, they do sometimes accumulate to cause insomnia. My kids are involved in extracurricular activities, so trying to stay on top of their sports practices, competitions, etc. and such can be difficult. Plus, I have a 40-minute drive to work, which can be stressful depending on the weather, traffic, etc. The last hassle is technology! The computer in my campus classroom does not always cooperate, which gets in the way of my teaching.

The second source of stress is acute stress. While I absolutely LOVE my job (I am so lucky), every semester does bring about a certain amount of “stress”. I have been teaching 7 classes each fall and winter semester since Covid happened. That is more than 200 students at a time! It is a LOT to keep up with. I am lucky in that the “stress” I experience is minimal, however, I do have more insomnia during the fall and winter than I do in the summer when I am not teaching

I found a valid and credible source titled “Exercising to Relax”, and you can read it HERE. I know my source is unique and not a duplicate of a classmate’s source because I have looked through the other posts.

My source is very valid and credible for several reasons. Reason #1 is that it comes from one of the most trusted sources of medical advice: Harvard Medical School. This school is one of the most prestigious schools in the US and probably the world, so their information can be trusted. The 2nd reason is that the contributing authors have medical degrees or other relevant degrees and much experience in the medical field. They are experts on the topics they research. The third reason is that the information is kept up-to-date. The specific article I chose was published in July 2020, which is only 2.5 years old.

Now, one “thing” I would have liked to see is a list of references/citations for this specific article. That would have increased my trust in this source.

Discuss two “things” learned from doing this assignment 

This is a peer response below.1. After reading Chapter 3 one of the major sources of stress that I could relate to was Life changes because life is like a roller coaster. You don’t necessarily know where it takes you or what gets thrown down your path, instead you just have to keep getting back up and lead the way of your life. One of the biggest life changes was the death of a close friend (her name is Layla) of mine, I’ve always felt like people judge me and even if they don’t my brain has a habit that they are, when I’m around Layla I feel more comfortable more sincere and happy. But after her passing, I always try to cope with the way I think, feel, and act around everyone. Another source of stress I commonly feel is burnout. I know I’m still young and not at the adulthood of stress hassles and taxes and all of that, but even young youths feel exhausted. I finished high school pretty early and started college not long after, this is my second semester, and it has a lot of responsibilities that come (which I expected) I also have a younger brother that’s about 11 months and I am the oldest daughter in the family. So usually after school when I get home, I can’t do homework unless I stay at school, because I have to help my brother and my mom with cooking, I would try to do work at night but that’s the time my dad needs help with job-related work which takes a very long time. By that time my eyes can’t stay open, and I just sleep.2. All about Burnout featured in PsychCentral is a great website to help with my emotions and difficulties such as burnout. Burnout: Symptoms, Management, and Prevention | Psych Central  (copied the URL this shows UP)3. It refers to people with extreme difficulties coping with emotions, stress, etc. It explains the different types of burnout and what causes them as well as provides communication with advisors to help. PsychCentral also shows different symptoms to people with those who have specific reactions to behavior issues upon coming stress. 4. The source is reviewed by a former Medically PhD doctor (Matthew Boland). He studied in great colleges and had a certification of a licensed clinical Psychologist which makes it a trustworthy website. 5. Something interesting I realized was when learning how to relax and do meditation you realize there’s not much to stress about. All you have to do is take things little by little until you’ve reached the top but then again things will pop up (this is life). All you need to do is have the reassurance that everything will be alright if you trust yourself and believe in what you want to see in the future.

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