IRLS602 Full Course (October 2019)

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Week 2 Forum

What makes human-trafficking a security, economic, or political threat? What are the risks of maintaining the international policy status quo?

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Week 4 Forum

What are some of the challenges that one faces when designing cyber strategy.

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Week 5 Forum

What do we mean by cyber norms? Are they changing?

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Week 6 Forum

War has changed in some ways, while it has remained the same in others. Discuss one or two areas in which you believe war has remained relatively constant in the modern age (since World War I), and one or two where it seems radically ‘new,’ in terms of its conduct.

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Week 7 Forum

In what ways are different threats to human security intertwined?

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

Video Presentation

Assignment Instructions

For this project you will choose a particular type of transnational crime. You will then create a video in which you simulate testifying in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Here is an example of a real-life testimonial. If you like you can have someone question you as part of your video, but it is fine just to do opening remarks and skip the questioning part.

Your video presentation should be ten to fifteen minutes in length, demonstrate an understanding of the issue an awareness of the challenges to addressing it, and an ability to communicate it effectively. Please click on the Media Gallery link on the left for access to Kaltura which will allow you to upload videos into the classroom. You can take the video with the webcam function in Kaltura or using your cell phone.

IRLS 602 Introduction to Global Security

White Paper on Terrorism

Assignment Instructions

You are the advisor to a senior policy maker tasked with writing a report for your boss. He has asked you to give him some recommendations, regarding the national strategy for combating terrorism on both global and domestic fronts, and how to improve policy options for defeating terrorism, including your recommendations for reform for the Intelligence Community. What do you tell him, in your report, and why?

The text of the report should be no fewer than 3 pages and no more than 6, double-spaced, 12 font.

You should apply information that you have obtained from class readings and external resources. You should have at least four credible references.

A white paper usually includes the following elements:

An executive summary:

Provide an overview of the report’s purpose, problem being addressed, research methods, & recommendations.

An executive should be able to read this and not be missing anything of major importance from the full paper.

Summarize the most important information from each of the sections.

Relevant background information:

Include enough basic information about the challenge your organization is facing

Make sure to shape your communication style for the audience. Write in a clear, professional manner.

Briefly describe your research methods and the purpose of your report. Your audience may wish to know where you got your info.

A clear discussion of the problem and why it is important

Be specific when defining your organization’s problem

Analyze the problem’s causes

Explain who is affected and what is at stake

Different perspectives related to the problem, and alternative solutions:

Separately identify three or four different approaches or ways of understanding your company and its problem (Make sure to use headings and subheadings. Bosses don’t like to struggle to find the info)

Define a full range of arguments. Make sure to include ones that are contrary to your final recommendation.

Your recommendations and reasoning

You must provide evidence for your reasoning

Each recommendation must be not only possible but feasible.

Appendices and supplementary material.

A reference list separate from the white paper