IT 3225 Bus Goals IT Professional

Convincing Technology Decision Makers

In this assignment, you will:

Identify a business problem and develop an IT solution.

Analyze the business and customer needs, so that you can advocate for an IT solution.

Develop a presentation that succinctly describes the business problem and your IT solution. This presentation should be designed to convince a key business stakeholder of the value of your proposal.

You will create only two slides using PowerPoint. More importantly, you will need to prepare the appropriate talking points that will convince the business stakeholder that your IT solution is one they should support. Remember, this business stakeholder will determine whether you get the resources you need to actually develop the solution you are proposing. In this presentation, you need to think about the business stakeholder’s goals and needs. What will be most convincing to the stakeholder?

For the first part of this assignment, do the following:

Identify a business problem and develop an IT solution, while analyzing the business and customer needs to effectively advocate for your proposal.

Prepare a two-slide PowerPoint presentation.

Choose a peer to whom you will give the presentation.

Use any technology that allows you to meet in a synchronous environment (Skype, Google Hangouts, phone call, or others.)

Present your proposal to your peer. Limit the presentation to 15 minutes. The peer will be in the role of a business manager.

Switch sides. Now your peer will present and you will be in the role of a business manager.

As the business analyst, keep notes about what portion of the presentation was convincing and which parts of the proposal needed to be strengthened to meet your business goals.

After both presentations, supply each other with feedback.

The overarching goal of this assignment will be to come to an agreement that the solution could be a viable one for the company/organization. You will use the feedback received from your peer to improve your proposal.

After the synchronous presentations, complete the final part of the assignment:

Create a two-slide PowerPoint presentation used to influence/convince technology business decision makers to sign off on the resources needed for your IT solution. Cite any sources used on the third slide of the presentation.

Provide written and/or audio summaries of at least one meeting discussing each information technology solution and how it can solve the business problem.

Submit both your presentation and the summary in the assignment area.

Make sure your presentation is professionally written and free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied to the citations.


Convincing Technology Decision Makers Scoring Guide.

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