IT3225 Unit 1 Assignment (August 2019)

IT 3225 Bus Goals IT Professional

Unit 1 Assignment

Business Goals and Business Processes

Pick a company/organization that you are familiar with. This can be your workplace, place of worship, volunteer workplace, or a company found from a case study from the University Library or the Web. When picking the company or organization, think about your educational specialization area, information technology interests, or career goals.

Prepare a three-page paper that includes the following:

Company/organization background.

Description of its business mission.

Explanation of at least two business goals or objectives.

At least two business processes used at the company or organization.

At least two information systems used at the company or organization.

Explanation of how IT systems do or do not integrate with business goals.

Explanation of challenges and opportunities with today’s IT systems that are relevant to business processes.

Citations and references for any sources used.

Ensure that your paper is professionally written and free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout.

Submit your document in the assignment area.


Business Goals and Business Processes Scoring Guide.

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