IT3355 Unit 2 Assignment (August 2019)

IT 3355 Network Architecture

Unit 2 Assignment

WAN Network Design


Before you begin this assignment, please complete the practice labs and discussion for this unit.

Then use the Internet and the library to research the assignment topic. You will need at least three recent, relevant, professional resources to support your work.


WAN is the core component to your network, as it encompasses all your local area networks (LANs) and all needed network infrastructures such as routers, switches, and servers.

For this assignment, prepare a project document that includes the following:

Create a diagram that will:

Display the basic topology for your selected organization. Be sure you include routers, switches, and all of the basic network connection hardware.

Diagram your IP addresses. Calculate and add your IP ranges and subnets into your diagram. Note: Microsoft Visio is provided for your use via MS Imagine. See the Microsoft Software section in the Unit 1 studies for more information.?

Explain the switching and routing choices, topology choice, and overall wired infrastructure decisions.

Explain the strategy you used for assigning IP addresses for the organization. Why did you choose the IP addresses that you did?

Describe IP addressing strategies for maintaining privacy on a network. How do your strategies maintain privacy on your network?

Describe at least three networks addressing or topology standards that influenced your network design.

The assignment you submit should be approximately 3–?4 pages in length, including the diagram you create. Be sure your document is professionally written, free of errors, and that your citations and references follow APA guidelines.