JCCC English Composition Book Movie Short Story Series You Think Is Important Essay

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For your final in the class, I’d like you to pick a very recent book/movie/short story/series/song (published or released in the last year) that you think is wonderful and perhaps some of your friends/family don’t. Convince me this is great stuff and worthy to be read/watched/listened to/appreciated/etc.  Explain to me why.  Share your own insights.  Write this in first person (I, we).  Please avoid second person (you or your).

Here are some questions I’d like you to examine:

  • Why is this “good”?
  • What about it do you connect to and why?
  • What themes does it discuss/address that are important/meaningful/interesting/”deep”.
  • Why don’t some people “get” this work?  Why do you think that you do?
  • Do you believe in time it will become a classic (something widely viewed as culturally significant), or do you think it has just captured a moment in time for you, and perhaps won’t in the future.
  • Be sure you include specifics (title, author, performer/song writer/creator, date of publication, release information, etc.)

Think of this as your argument for its importance and significance, to you or for an audience that is bigger than you are.

Include a link to the book, movie, short story, series, song, but don’t spend a lot of time summarizing the work.  Assume your reader is familiar with the work, and once you have briefly summarized it, move to specific examples, analysis, points and comparisons in your paper.  You should have a few quotations, but as long as you have included in the introduction the name of the work, when it came out, and who created it, you don’t need a works cited page or in-text citations for this paper.

Make sure you use the conventions of good writing—offer an introduction, body paragraphs with transitions, some specific examples from the work, and a thoughtful conclusion.


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