Jo North: Start with the end in mind

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DISCUSSION 1 (RESPONSE FOR QUESTIONS 1, FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT YOU MUST USE POWERPOINTS CHAPTER 9, and…, Let me know if you need additional information from the book )

The threads will cover supplemental material incorporated into each chapter, via videos related to the supporting discussion integrated into your textbook chapters. Postings should not merely summarize the material, but should deal with how to apply the material in practice.

The posting should consist of no less than 250-400 words, excluding references and should incorporate at least one outside, i.e., from a library database search, APA formatted reference at the end of the post.

  • Managing change in practice 9.1 – Jo North: Start with the end in mind (ATTACHED)




200-300 words, excluding references. The answer may include information from the text, handouts, personal experiences and opinion to demonstrate critical thinking and application. At least one source must be cited and referenced.

Using a business publication (Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Fortune, FastCompany) article, find a company that has expanded by diversification. Describe the type of diversification and how the diversification created value. Evaluate how successful you think the diversification will be in future (5 or 10 yrs, for instance). What issues or challenges is the diversification likely to cause?

-MUST use this week’s course material: (ch06 powerpoint and textbook pages for chapter 06)


DISCUSSION 3 (150-250 words, excluding references). I have attached chapters to use as reference/information

Using an example of a specific organization, what might that organization do (or have they done) if they need to change or find a “turnaround” strategy to maintain their competitive advantage (consider product or industry diversification, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures/strategic alliances, and/or a strong differentiation strategy). Use the Ormanidhi & Stringa (2008) article as one of your sources (ATTACHED).

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