KU Parenting Style and Family Dynamics Questions

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part 1 


Identity and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the authoritative, permissive and the authoritarian parenting styles.

  • Which did your parents use?
  • Do you think they used the best approach for you? 
  • Which of these approaches do you think is best and why? 

-Thoroughly read chapter nine in your text on this topic and pay special attention to page 253.
-You might also want to do research in Parent Effectiveness Training by Tom Gordon, Systemic Training for Effective Parenting by Don Dinkmeyer and Children: The Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs. 

  • Do you think that parents do the best they know to do in parenting their children?       
  • Part 2  Respond to two peers
  • peers 1     Hello everyone!                      All parents have their own of parenting. The three styles of parenting are, authoritative, permissive and the authoritarian. Those leaning towards authoritative maintain high levels of control over their children however they still show warm and receptive feelings towards them (Seccombe,2018). Parents who engage in permissive parenting styles, are also nurturing and caring, though they are lenient, they do not hold their children accountable (Seccombe,2018). Lastly, parents who adapted the authoritarian parenting style are more strict, less communicative and offer less nurture and support (Seccombe,2018).  An advantage between authoritative and permissive parenting styles is that children are able to be open with their parents about issues whereas, children who are in authoritarian style. Growing up, my parents were very much authoritarian. There was not much warmth, or nurturing actions from either my mother or father. My grades had to stay high, or I would get yelled at. I remember distinctly, once in high school, my GPA was a 4.0 then it dropped to 3.9, and my father was just saying I was slacking because I had a boyfriend. When in reality, I had all AP and honor classes, and it was getting difficult to maintain straight As. There was no such thing as communication in my household. Once, someone disagreed with someone, yelling and arguing occurred. I do not think this was the best parenting style for me. I feel weird expressing my feelings or even showing any type of affection. I am at the point in my life, where I do not care what my parents have to say or think. I do believe authoritative is the best form of parenting just because a parent is still showing their child that they are the boss, they are able to maintain control of their actions when needed however, is communicative with them. Parents with this style are able to show love to their child, and be caring. 
  • ReferencesSeccombe, K. (2018). Exploring marriages & families (3rd ed). Boston, MA: Pearson
  • Peers2      We see three parenting styles in Chapter 9 of our textbook. They are authoritative parenting style, permissive parenting style, and authoritarian parenting style. The Authoritative parenting style is demanding and highly controlling but warm and receptive toward the kids. The Permissive parenting style makes few demands or controls on the child. And the Authoritarian parenting style is strict, punitive, not particularly friendly, less talkative, and less supportive (Seccombe, 2017).                Unfortunately for my siblings and me, my parents’ parenting style was Authoritarian. My father was frigid with us as he didn’t grow up with loving parents. I realized as an adult that my father lived a difficult life in his home, and he didn’t have much of a childhood, so he didn’t know how to love us any other way. I believe my parents did their best despite not being very warm with us, but since I come from a Mexican family and am the only girl in the family, things were even worse for me. My parents were a bit more permissive with my brothers once they got older, but not with me, as I was not allowed to do anything outside my home and spent every day in my room reading books.                  I believe the Authoritative parenting style is the best approach for raising children. I have four children and strive to be the opposite of my parents. Although I recognize that my parents loved me, I choose to be vocal about my feelings with my kids as I know how much it affects children who do not hear those three small words – I love you. My children don’t go one day without my husband and I telling them we love them. We also make time to talk with them and be as supportive as possible with extracurricular activities, hobbies, and even going as far as getting my nose pierced along with my sixteen-year-old as I was not allowed to do so when I was younger. We still make sure that there are boundaries and rules in place, but we allow our children to be children and know and feel loved along the way.WC: 355                                                                     ReferenceSeccombe, K. (2017). Exploring Marriages & Families Access Code. Pearson 
  • Part 3   
  • write a 1200 word research paper on concepts covered in this class and how you see them related to your own family life.
  • This paper is worth 20% of your grade. As you read the text and do research throughout the class make notes of family systems concepts that you see illustrated in your own family life.You may use some of the concepts in bold print in the Weekly Summaries.
  • You will identify each concept and tell how it applies to your own family system.

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