Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving

The length should be between 8-10 pages (double space, Time New Roman 12) 13-15 pages for graduate students, excluding cover pages, contents, and appendices (if any). I would expect a minimum of 8 bibliographic sources from reliable journal, magazine, textbook, book, and websites. Citations should be formatted in accordance with the APA Style, 6th edition.

Student will select a specific problem from any industry (food, retail, construction, airline, department store, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, service, consulting, …) that you’re interested to work on, then applied the quality tools, techniques, and methods learned to solve the problem. The paper should include the following items:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction

Table of Contents

  • General information: type of industry, company’s name, product/services, organization size (number of workers/employees), and so on.
  • Selected Problem: explain the problems and involved personal/process/department, provide some background of the problem (if any).
  • Solutions to the problem: develop a process/program to solve your selected problem. The proposed solutions can be only one, or two, or three options. The items that should be explained in details in your paper include: