Legal or ethical dilemma

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 legal or ethical dilemma  

1. Present a legal or ethical dilemma involving the use of technology of which you have been aware in the last 6 months. Write a brief paragraph to summarize the situation. (SLO 5.1, CO 2)

2. Utilizing the role of the DNP prepared nurse leader, apply principles of leadership and professional identity to formulate an action plan to address the dilemma. What risk mitigation and security strategies might reduce misuse and protect health information? Share two or three specific elements to address this issue. (SLO 5.1, CO 2)

3. What cultural or generational issues play a role in the scenario you have discussed? Could the identified issue occur outside of the nursing profession? If so, how could you support other health care professionals in preventing this dynamic from occurring? (SLO 5.2, CO 5)

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