Lesson 15 discussion

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  1. Click and choose one (1) Case Study below and post answers.
  2. Answers must:
    • Be 100 words or more
    • Use the standard English grammar and spelling
    • References are cited (if necessary)
  3. Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates.
  4. Responses must:
    • Use the standard English grammar and spelling
    • Be substantial.
    • Do NOT just say, “I agree” or “Good point”.


Case Study

Chapter 15 – Community as Client: Applying
the Nursing Process

The student nurses are preparing a presentation for the
community health rotation. It is critical for nurses and
student nurses to understanding the concept of the
community as client is a prerequisite for effective
service at every level of community nursing practice. A
major component of the presentation is to describe
a community needs assessment.

1. What are the characteristics of a healthy


2. What is meant by the concept of community as

3. What are the three dimensions of the community

as client?


Case Study

Chapter 11 – Health Promotion: Achieving
Change Through Education

The community health nurse is preparing a smoking
cessation program to be presented at the local high
school for individuals who are thinking about quitting
smoking. The community health nurse is identifying
appropriate education activities that include the three
domains of learning and the three stages of change.

1. The community health nurse has to consider the

three stages of change in considering individual

reasons to stop smoking. What are the three

stages of change?

2. Planned or managed change is a purposeful,

designed effort to effect improvement such as

smoking cessation with the help of a change

agent who is the community health nurse. What

are the eight steps of planned change that the

community health nurse needs to consider?
3. The community health nurse understands that

encompassing strategies are the critical change

strategies to consider in planning the health

education program. What are the three major

change strategies that must be considered by

the community health nurse?

4. The community health nurse understands that

the nature of learning contributes to the

effectiveness of teaching on smoking cessation.


The nurse needs to include the three domains of

learning in the presentation. What are the three

learning domains that must be considered in

planning the education program?


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