lesson 2

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Question 1 (5 points)

Question 1 Unsaved

A second chart may be started for a patient when:

Question 1 options:

Question 2 (5 points)

Question 2 Saved

A filing method in which charts are filed in ascending numeric order is:

Question 2 options:

Question 3 (5 points)

Question 3 Unsaved

Which of the following is a method of organizing a patient chart by diagnosis or medical problem?

Question 3 options:

Question 4 (5 points)

Question 4 Unsaved

Paper medical records are usually destroyed by:

Question 4 options:

Question 5 (5 points)

Question 5 Unsaved

A report listing items missing from the chart is a(n):

Question 5 options:

Question 6 (5 points)

Question 6 Unsaved

Healthcare facilities are required to keep track of any disclosure of patient information. These disclosure records are kept for at least ________ years.

Question 6 options:

Question 7 (5 points)

Question 7 Unsaved

A filing method that uses the last set of the hyphenated record number as the primary set of numbers for filing is:

Question 7 options:

Question 8 (5 points)

Question 8 Unsaved

Alleged violation of the AHIMA Code of Ethics is subject to a(n):

Question 8 options:

Question 9 (5 points)

Question 9 Unsaved

The AHIMA Code of Ethics serves which of the following purposes? responsible. obligations conflict or ethical uncertainties arise.

Question 9 options:

Question 10 (5 points)

Question 10 Unsaved

All of the following statements are true of an alphabetic filing system EXCEPT:

Question 10 options:

Question 11 (5 points)

Question 11 Unsaved

Medical record filing methods are:

Question 11 options:

Question 12 (5 points)

Question 12 Unsaved

The goal of a filing method is:

Question 12 options:

Question 13 (5 points)

Question 13 Unsaved

Selecting the patient files that are least likely to be needed and storing them in another place or format is called:

Question 13 options:

Question 14 (5 points)

Question 14 Unsaved

A paper or plastic placeholder that indicates a chart has been removed is a(n):

Question 14 options:

Question 15 (5 points)

Question 15 Unsaved

How many pages does AHIMA estimate one inpatient stay contains on average?

Question 15 options:

Question 16 (5 points)

Question 16 Unsaved

The length of time that records are kept depends on:

Question 16 options:

Question 17 (5 points)

Question 17 Unsaved

A document that serves as an index to a problem-oriented medical record is a(n):

Question 17 options:

Question 18 (5 points)

Question 18 Unsaved

Ethical obligations of the HIM professional do NOT include:

Question 18 options:

Question 19 (5 points)

Question 19 Unsaved

It is the responsibility of the ________ to ensure each patient is assigned a unique chart number.

Question 19 options:

Question 20 (5 points)

Question 20 Unsaved

A filing method that uses the middle set of numbers as the primary set for filing is:

Question 20 options:


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