LGMT691 module 2.1 – Submit Air Cargo Report 1 (PLG1)


Research and write your first report on a selected topic on Air Cargo from a chapter listed in the Airports Council International – North America Air Cargo.Links to an external site. Review the complete details of this assignment on the Air Cargo Reports page to assure you have met all of the requirements before submitting your deliverable.


Save your deliverable using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number or description: i.e. Firstname_Lastname_AirCargo1. When you have completed this deliverable, submit your assignment to your instructor through this activity.

Note: Upon submission, your work will automatically be evaluated by Turnitin. Written works submitted through this tool will be compared against Turnitin’s global academic database for overlap that could indicate potential plagiarism.

Review the evaluation rubric for detailed grading criteria on this assignment. Please read these instructions for information on accessing the rubric for assignments that have Turnitin enabled. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Goldratt, E.M. & Cox, J. (2012). The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement (3rd ed.)

You will submit two 8-10 page Air Cargo reports on a selected topic from a chapter (different chapter for each report), listed in the Airports Council International – North America Air Cargo Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. due in Modules 2 & 5. This guide has ten chapters which cover different topics related to the Air Cargo Industry. Select two chapters from the guide:


· Chapter 2 – Developing an Air Cargo Market

· Chapter 3 – Demand Forecasting Techniques

· Chapter 4 – Air Cargo Facility Analysis

· Chapter 5 – Financial and Management Strategies

· Chapter 6 – Bilateral and Regulatory Issues

· Chapter 7 – The Airport – Tenant Relationship

· Chapter 8 – Airport Performance Benchmarking

· Chapter 9 – Security

· Chapter 10 – Alternative Land Use

Report Requirements

Review a minimum of ten articles written in the last five years in addition to your two selected chapters from the Air Cargo Guide. For each selected chapter, using Word®, write an 8 to 10 page report. For each report:

1. Provide a thorough summary of the general content from your chosen chapter.

2. Review and incorporate into each report a minimum of ten peer reviewed journal articles, written in the last five years, as current research progressed in the area.

Grading Criteria

Your papers will be evaluated based on the following criteria in conjunction with the evaluation rubric:

· Quality and depth of content by demonstrating the understanding of the topic including its need, benefits, implementation challenges, real world examples, and best practices.

· Organization of the report.

· Overall format, i.e., typed, use of page numbers, title page, table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion, appropriate labels on figures and tables, etc.

· Use of correct grammar and evidence of proofing (i.e., no spelling errors); overall formatting (i.e., Times New Roman font, 12-pt, double-spaced); and meeting total page requirements.

· Variety and documentation of references used. Format for citations and references must follow current APA format. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Review the evaluation rubric linked in the submission assignment, for detailed grading criteria.

Due Dates

· Module 2: Activity 2.1 – Submit Air Cargo Report 1

· Module 5: Activity 5.1 – Submit Air Cargo Report 2

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