The topic of this research is increasing on-task behavior during distance learning time in gifted students diagnosed with ADHD at elementary level.

We want to find strategies and behavioral intervention to increase the time that these students spend engaged/focused in learning activities during distance learning at home. We want to use interventions from a behavioral point of view ( positive reinforcement, premark principle, tokens board, scheduled delivery of attention, etcetera)

You can also include general literature about main characteristics of distance learning, elementary students, gifted students and ADHD diagnosis.

the literature review must include:

Abstract – no more than 150 words properly formatted

A. Introduction to the Literature Review

B. Conceptual Framework

C. Review of Research Literature

D. F. Summary and FutureResearch

a max of 12 pages of content in APA 6th Edition

Please refer to the guide for explanations and examples of each part of the literature review.

each article must be a primary source  dated after 2012 from academic journals and/or professional periodicals

for conceptual framework you can use literature published within the last 20 years.

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