Literature Support

Develop a research table to summarize the research study. To support the intervention summarized in this
table. Theirs needs to be two tables, one needs to be created and that’s the development of the Research
Table to summarize the research study. The other one is fill in the blank, the Evaluation Table Template, it’s
1. Write a Narrative of Literature Support in Healthcare Communication that Supports the research for the
Project’s Problem.
2. Evidence-Based in Healthcare Communication
3. Literature Support of Healthcare Communication
4. The Project’s Problem in Healthcare Communication.
5. The Proposed Solution in Healthcare Communication.
6. Describe the research methods used, such as: (the criteria for inclusion and exclusion, and the number of
studies that fit the criteria.)
7. Describe the validity of the internal and external research.
8. Conclude with 15-18 Sentences no less than that.
Research Table of Summarized Research Study
{To Be Created/Added Here}
Evaluation Table Template {Use This Template Only! No Modifications Please!}
Authors/Year of Citation Research Design Data Collection
Methods Sample Characteristics Key Findings
Column headings are suggestions only; table can be “adapted” (to fit, change, or modify to suit a new or
different purpose) as needed.