MacMillan Hospital Bad Image Radiology Department Case 13 Analysis

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MacMillan Hospital was established in a metropolitan area of the southeastern United States in the decade following the Civil War. It was named for Abner MacMillan, a successful lumber and hardware merchant whose business had prospered at war’s end when there was a great need for rebuilding in his war-ravaged region. The hospital was originally located in a large, colonnaded antebellum home that was MacMillan’s residence before his death. In addition to the house, MacMillan had donated the 40 acres on which it stood and $50,000—a large sum in the 1870s—for the charitable purposes to which the hospital was to be dedicated. Originally named for the city in which it was located, the board voted to change the name after MacMillan’s death.

Read Part 3 (Chapters 12–19) of The Digital Doctor, “The Overdose

In your opinion, what is the one most critical step that was missed in the swiss cheese model of system failure?

  • First page – Title page
  • Second page – Response
    • First paragraph – which step and why?
    • Second paragraph – support your thoughts
    • Third paragraph – summation and thoughts on how to improve the system that failed
    • No more than one page long. Check for grammar as this will count towards your final grade
  • Third page – References in APA format only. Cite references correctly for your sources as this will count towards your final grade.

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