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Module 4 SLP – Summary – Assignment (You are the City IC)

Date –

31st August, yyyy


: based on classified new intelligence, the timeline for the planned attack has centered to take place closer to the 9/11 date (within a week before or a week after). At this time it is still classified as a highly probablethreat.

The Governor has scheduled a meeting for 1st of September to receive a full report from you as to preparations for such an attack.

Based on the above and the new time line, recheck your priority list and describe what needs to be changed/updated. Explain.

The Governor has scheduled a meeting for 1st of September to receive a full report from you as to preparations for such an attack.

Your SLP 4 will be in the form of a PPT presentation to the Governor.

Highlight the major points of concern and how your plan addresses them.

Module 4 Presentation to the Governor

Dear Governor Rauner,

Your Honor, I am writing you this letter because it is my belief that there is an impending terroristic attack and I am seeking help from your office.

According to the information intercepted by the intelligence, a terrorist organization is planning to attack Chicago Bulls United Center NBA arena. According to the terrorists plan, they plan to attack in three different ways, which are; through 3-5 suicide bombers who will locate themselves strategically around the arena. Secondly, they also plan to use large vehicle bombs (LVB) 1-2 of them, which they will locate at a parking facility near an entertainment complex around. Because of the high number of mass casualties, intelligence also says that the terrorist organization will also attack the ER department in the hospital where casualties will be attended to in case of the accident.

As the city Incident Commander, this is a serious issue, which should not be taken lightly because it is a serious threat to the American people. In order to prepare for this attack, the first step would be visiting the sports arena and see the events schedule weekly. From the visits, the United Center Bulls (NBA) will be hosting three matches weekly until the end of next month, which is September when the terrorists are planning to attack. The matches will be taking place on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturdays weekly. Not to take any chances, a team of surveillance and secret services are already deployed on the ground even before the scheduled attack date reaches. A terrorist is very clever people, maybe the September scheduled date is just a decoy, and maybe the real attack will take place before September.

The second most important thing to do to prepare geographically, this implies that the whole sports arena has to be marked and architectural design of the same has to be used to determine underground tunnels and any other site which the terrorists can take advantage of.

. Planner’s need to think creatively about possible scenarios and response needs. The plans developed for terrorist incidents must be comprehensive in scope yet flexible enough to deal with

the unexpected.

Terrorism emergency response planning should include provisions for working with

Federal crisis and consequence management agencies. The key to successful

emergency response involves smooth coordination among multiple agencies and officials from various jurisdictions regarding all aspects of the response. Because of the need to interact with a wide range of organizations and individuals within these organizations, up-to-date directories of the points of contact need to be maintained in the course of planning. It is important that those directories be regularly updated to reflect changes in personnel and telephone numbers. While assistance from Federal agencies will be needed in a terrorist incident, planning by State and local jurisdictions it should take into account the difficulty that can be experienced in

incorporating the Federal resources into the initial local response.

Coordination among State, local, and Federal officials should take place well in advance of events that could be targeted so that all response organizations clearly understand the responsibilities of each organization and how they will be integrated.

Local fire departments, law enforcement personnel,

HazMat teams, and EMS will be among the first to respond to terrorist incidents,

especially those involving WMD. In incidents associated with public transportation

(e.g., airlines, mass transit, railroads, subways), workers and officials from these

transportation organizations may be among the first responders. As response efforts

escalate, the local emergency management agency and health department will help

coordinate needed services.


. ( )


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